Author: Alexandra Bruzzese

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    Author: Alexandra Bruzzese

    Interview with a Pastry Chef: Costanza Fortuna, Founder of Dess’Art

    If you’ve done our Taste of Testaccio Tour, you’re bound to remember the delectable cannoli at Dess’Art, a fantastic little bakery (see more photos here) tha...

    Unique Dining Experiences in Rome

    While Rome certainly isn’t short on traditional hole-in-the-wall trattorie and osterie, it also offers a host of unique dining experiences that are sure to i...

    How to Eat Vegan in Italy and Rome

    In a city hailed for its guanciale (cured pork cheek), pecorino (sheep’s milk cheese) and a hearty enthusiasm for il quinto quarto (offal), it may seem daunt...

    Pisano's Fruit and Vegetable Stand in the Testaccio Market

    Although I love each and every one of the vendors on our Testaccio tour equally, I take a particular pride in bringing tourists to the Pisano family’s frutti...

    6 Tips for Exploring Rome in Summer... and Staying Cool

    Rome reaches its highest temperatures in July and August, but with a little planning, generous amounts of sunscreen and a bit of creativity, it’s easy to exp...

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