Author: Alexandra Bruzzese

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    Author: Alexandra Bruzzese

    Cool Things to Do and Places to Go in Rome

    If you’ve already successfully battled through the crowds of St. Peter’s Basilica and seen the Pope speak, thrown a coin in the Trevi Fountain and explored t...

    The Top Pizzerias in Trastevere

    There are certain moments in my everyday life in Rome that never fail to elicit giddiness and delight, no matter how long I’ve lived here. Strolling past the...

    Pizza-Making with Kids

    Although I can’t claim to be very talented in the kitchen nowadays (taste testing is really more my forte’), some of my fondest childhood memories revolve ar...

    Where to Eat in Rome: Prati Neighbourhood Guide

    While there are many lovely neighborhoods in Rome (the artsy Monti, quaint Trastevere, the rustic, working class Testaccio), I’ve never once wished to live a...

    Kid-Friendly & Family Hotels in Rome

    Rome isn’t always the first choice of destination for a family vacation, and understandably so—Italy’s capital is chaotic, sprawling, and includes lots of &#...

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    Multi-City Experience
    A European Feast

    A European Feast

    Learn the Best European Dishes in this multi-city interactive culinary travel experience. Join us in Rome, Lisbon AND Prague!

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    Chef PJ’s Montmartre Food Tour
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    Evening Cocktail Experience!
    Strasbourg at Dusk - Secret Bars & Hidden Places

    Strasbourg at Dusk - Secret Bars & Hidden Places

    Enjoy an epic night of cocktails, snacks and games at secret bars & speakeasies.

    • Small Group

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