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Author: Amber

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    Author: Amber

    What to See in the Vatican in One Hour

    If anyone would ask me the question, “What should I see in the Vatican Museums if I only have one hour?” I would respond, “Nothing!” ...

    Interview with a Roman Tour Guide: Domenico Scola

    The indisputable keys to our food tours are our tour guides. If you’ve been on one of our tours, you’ll know, the excellent food would just be ex...

    It's Raining Italian Idioms

    One of the best ways to get to know a language is to get to know its idioms. An idiom is usually a group or pair of words that is used for its figurative mea...

    A tour of top sights of the Roman Empire

    It’s impossible to separate the present city of Rome from the past. After all, everything you see around you simply covers up something else built 2000...

    What to do on Halloween in Rome

    Traditionally Italians don’t celebrate Halloween—and when I moved here nearly ten years ago the only place you could go to see people dressed in costum...

    Eating Europe Tours

    An Unforgettable Night Out in London
    Soho Cocktail Tour

    Soho Cocktail Tour

    A cocktail tour thru Soho’s mischievous past

    • 2.5 hrs Hours
    • Small Group
    One-night Only!
    Virtual Easter Won't be a Drag

    Virtual Easter Won't be a Drag

    Join Just May & Grace Shush for an Easter Saturday you won't soon forget - Laugh, Sing, Dance and Drink along!

    • Sat. April 3
    • 1 Hours
    • Private tour
    Le Marais Twilight Food Tour
    • Mon-Thurs
    • 3 Hours
    • Small Group

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