Author: Amber

Author: Amber

Three Walks of Rome

Rome is a city best explored by feet. Its countless narrow, cobbled streets and stunning piazzas all attest to the joy of slow discovery. The key then is to ...

Prague on Two Wheels

It has been said that Prague, unlike other European capitals—Amsterdam, London, Rome—is not a bike-friendly city. Not true! Nearly 120 km of cycle paths run ...

What to Do and See at the Vatican

The Vatican is located on the western bank of the Tiber River. It is a tiny sovereign state that was created in 1929. Behind its high walls live about 1,000 ...

Prague for Kids – Inside and Out!

With its enchanting castle, wooden toy shops, and secret nooks and crannies, Prague is pretty much one big fairytale experience for children. Which makes the...

Fun Fall Food Festivals in Prague

Aside from the wine harvest celebrations taking place around the country this time of year, the Czech Republic is home to a number of other fall food festiva...

Eating Europe Tours

Likely To Sell Out
Florence Sunset Food & Wine Tour

Florence Sunset Food & Wine Tour

An unforgettable evening filled with wines, fresh pasta, cocktails and an exclusive wine cellar experience.

  • Daily
  • 3,5 Hours
  • Small Group
Evening Cocktail Experience!
Strasbourg at Dusk - Secret Bars & Hidden Places

Strasbourg at Dusk - Secret Bars & Hidden Places

Enjoy an epic night of cocktails, snacks and games at secret bars & speakeasies.

  • Small Group
Exclusive Partnership with D&D Restaurant Group
The Great London Raceoff
  • Sun. Sept 6
  • 3 Hours
  • Private tour

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