Author: Dalila

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    Author: Dalila

    Classic Foods in Italy: Amatriciana and La Gricia

    One thing to know about Italians: we like to take credit for what’s good. Or should I say…”BUONISSIMO!” It’s no surprise then that the origins of some of the...

    Classic Italian Food Recipes: Roman Side Dishes (Contorni)

    You’ll find them in every Roman Trattoria’s menu – contorni or side dishes. A long list of vegetables, or such, that go perfectly with your main courses. But...

    The 4 Best Day Trips from Rome

    In a beautiful and sprawling city like Rome, it’s not always easy to fit all the breathtaking monuments in the short time that you usually have. What often h...

    Suppli - the Favourite Rome Street Food (and a Recipe!)

    Whenever I think of Italy, the first thing that comes to mind is a big reunion – of family or friends- and an infinitely long table covered in all sorts of d...

    Roman Food Classics: Pasta alla Carbonara & Cacio e Pepe

    Roman cuisine is often referred to as being “way too delicious to be easy to make.” Well, if you’ve always wanted to cook Roman food but never had the courag...

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    Weekend Brunch Across Europe Cooking Class

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