Author: Kelly Dunning

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    Author: Kelly Dunning

    Experiencing Vietnamese Food in Prague

    It may sound strange, but you know you’re in Prague when you overhear a debate about the best place in town to get a bowl of the Vietnamese noodle soup...

    Sweet Treats: Where to Eat the Best Baked Goods in Prague

    Cupcakes and cake pops have conquered the world, and that includes Prague. Just about every bakery in town has perfected a cupcake recipe or is hawking a cak...

    Great Spots for a Glass of Czech Wine

    Sure you came for the beer, but Czech wine is nothing to scoff at. In recent years it, too, has become a source of national pride. 96% of Czech vineyards are...

    Prague Holiday To-Do List

    The holidays bring with them a flurry of festive activities no matter where you live. Here in the Czech Republic the good times start in late November and do...

    A Guide to Prague's Christmas Markets

    Those who plan to brave the elements and arrive in Prague in late November/early December will be rewarded with the special magic of the city’s Christm...

    Eating Europe Tours

    A Taste of Strasbourg

    A Taste of Strasbourg

    Stroll these picturesque streets and savor traditional Alsatian food

    • Private request only!
    • Private tour
    Celebrate Mother's Day Together!
    Pici Pasta Making Class & Game

    Pici Pasta Making Class & Game

    Roll up your sleeves and learn how to make fresh handmade pasta at home without the need of a pasta machine!

    • Sun. May 9
    • 2 Hours
    • Small Group
    A Roman Classic!
    Learn Cacio e Pepe at Restaurant Spirito di Vino in Roma!

    Learn Cacio e Pepe at Restaurant Spirito di Vino in Roma!

    Cook a traditional Roman pasta dish Cacio e Pepe LIVE from Rome while also taking a virtual tour of their wine cellar that is 90 years older than the Colosseum!

    • Thu, Sat
    • 1 Hours
    • Private tour

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