“From a simple stroll through Rome’s backstreets to guiding food enthusiasts across Europe, many of the connections I’ve made are still part of our journey today.”


  • Kenny Dunn founded “Eating Italy Food Tours” in 2011, inspired by his love for European cuisine after relocating to Rome in 2009.
  • Rooted in personal experiences, he introduced guests to local culinary personalities and authentic eateries, highlighting the stories behind each dish.
  • Recognized a unique opportunity in the market, as food tours were rare, providing travelers an intimate taste of Italian life.
  • Expanded his vision, collaborating with enthusiasts in cities like London, Prague, and Amsterdam to replicate the success and ethos of his Roman tours.
  • “Eating Italy Food Tours” evolved into “Eating Europe,” which now showcases local gastronomy and culture across many European cities.

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“Don’t just serve a meal; create an experience. Our goal has always been to foster lasting bonds over shared dishes and stories.”


  • Founder & Managing Director of Eating Europe, leading its strategic direction and expansion across Europe.
  • Spearheaded the development and standardization of tour offerings, ensuring consistency in quality and customer experience across diverse locations.
  • Built and nurtured teams of local collaborators in various cities, fostering a shared vision and passion for authentic culinary storytelling.
  • Identified and capitalized on market gaps, pioneering the food tour niche at a time when such experiences were limited.
  • Implemented feedback mechanisms to continually refine and enhance tour offerings, responding to evolving customer preferences and industry trends.
  • Oversaw partnerships and collaborations with local businesses and chefs, strengthening the brand’s reputation and authenticity in the culinary tourism sector.

“I’ve had guests tell me, ‘I first tasted Rome’s authentic flavors with you!’ and now they’re exploring Prague or Amsterdam under our guidance.”


  • Strategic market analysis and opportunity identification in the tourism sector.
  • Cultivating long-term relationships with partners and stakeholders.
  • Designing and implementing feedback-driven improvements.
  • Adapting to diverse cultural and market dynamics to ensure authentic experiences.
  • Leveraging storytelling and local narratives for enhanced customer engagement.
  • Problem-solving and ensuring consistent brand reputation across regions.

“We don’t just introduce people to European cuisine; we accompany them through their culinary adventures across continents. When they savor a dish, we want them to remember the story behind it, and that’s the Eating Europe promise.”

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