Author: Maria

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Author: Maria

Top 10 Guide to the Best Sweets in Rome

Generally when you think Rome or Italy even, you think pizza and pasta. But Italy is of course home of some of the most loved sweets in the world. Think tira...

Top 5 Things to do in Milan

This piece was researched and written by EIFT’s intern from the University of California, Alina Bergelson.  Milan is the second largest city in Italy and whi...

Cheap Stays in Rome

Rome is known the world over as one of the most beautiful cities.  Boasting so many amazing historical sites, many consider the city itself as an open-air mu...

6 Cheap Stays in Venice

Venice is well known as one of the most breathtakingly beautiful cities in Italy. The grandiosity of this city is well reflected in the expensive prices to v...

Cheap Hotels in Italy: Best Accommodation in Florence

Want to visit the beautiful city of Florence, but sitting on a rather tight budget? While Florence may hold the infamous Statue of David, and Birth of Venus ...

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New Evening Cocktail Experience!
Strasbourg at Dusk - Secret Bars & Hidden Places

Strasbourg at Dusk - Secret Bars & Hidden Places

Enjoy an epic night of cocktails, snacks and games at secret bars & speakeasies.

  • Daily
  • 3.5 Hours
  • Private tour
Book a Private Tour

Book a Private Tour

Already traveling in a large group or want something different? All our tours can be taken privately or we can create a tour just for you!

  • Private tour
Christmas Experience for Couples!
Christmas Won’t Be a Drag!

Christmas Won’t Be a Drag!

A Glamorous, Virtual Christmas Cooking Party with TWO Drag Queens.

  • Weekly
  • 1.5 Hours
  • Small Group

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