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Author: Maria

Where to Find the Best Pizza in Rome

As you can imagine, pizza – the type of pizza and where to get it – is big news in Rome and always the topic of much (tasty!) debate. There is pizza al tagli...

A Guide to Venice

Although a trip down south may be tempting in the colder months, a vacation north can be pleasantly surprising despite it’s colder temperatures. Year round, ...

Recipes to Celebrate this year's Rome Carnevale

Carnevale (Carnival) has been celebrated across Italy since roman times. And while most of you will associate this event with Venice—what with their elaborat...

Things to Do and Places to Visit in Florence: The Ultimate Travel Guide

As the capital of Tuscany and known as the cradle of the Renaissance, a trip to Florence should be on the top of your list for places to visit in Italy! Reno...

Italian Food Recipes for Halloween

Italians are celebrating the Halloween holiday more and more. Lots of events are being held in all major Italian cities and families making a point of headin...

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A Taste of Strasbourg

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Book a Private Tour

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