Author: Olivia Mallinger

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    Author: Olivia Mallinger

    Stroopwafels: a foodie's guide to what, where and how...

    The Dutch stroopwafel, or syrup waffle, is a cookie that is unique to the Netherlands, and has been eaten in the country for centuries. The history of this d...

    Our Favorite Amsterdam Walking Tours

    The best way to visit the real life of any city is with the help of a trained and passionate tour guide. Participating in organized walking tours will allow ...

    5 Food Markets to Visit in Amsterdam

    If there’s one way to learn about the real local culture of a city, it’s definitely through visiting its markets, rubbing shoulders with the locals and learn...

    Your Guide to the Best Dutch Foods in Amsterdam

    When you think of Amsterdam you might not think immediately of its food scene. Its cute, thin houses, the quaint boat-filled canals, and the coffee shops are...

    Amsterdam Museums for Every Taste

    With more than 50 museums to choose from, Amsterdam is a museum-lover’s dream. The types of museums range from traditional to quirky, from old to moder...

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    Evening Cocktail Experience!
    Strasbourg at Dusk - Secret Bars & Hidden Places

    Strasbourg at Dusk - Secret Bars & Hidden Places

    Enjoy an epic night of cocktails, snacks and games at secret bars & speakeasies.

    • Small Group
    Book a Private Tour

    Book a Private Tour

    Already traveling in a large group or want something different? All our tours can be taken privately or we can create a tour just for you!

    • Private tour
    Le Marais Food & Wine Tour
    • Mon-Thurs
    • 3 Hours
    • Small Group

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