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    Italian Living

    Where to Food Shop in Prati

    Prati is one of Rome’s best known shopping areas and close to the Vatican, yet it remains almost undiscovered by tourists. Until the late 19th century,...

    Pomodori Ripieni di Riso con Patate (RECIPE)

    When I was young, my mom and dad would often take my sister and I out strolling around Rome, showing us all of the different monuments and we would simply ta...

    Guide to Lazio and Tuscany's Thermal Roman Baths

    If are in Rome or Florence during the cooler months of the year, warm up the Ancient Roman way: head to the hot springs. Terme, as thermal baths are known in...

    How to Celebrate Carnevale in Rome

    When you are talking about a good city to spend the Carnival season in, Rome probably isn’t the first one off your lips. Why should it be when cities l...

    Classic Foods in Italy: Amatriciana and La Gricia

    One thing to know about Italians: we like to take credit for what’s good. Or should I say…”BUONISSIMO!” It’s no surprise then that the origins of some of the...

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    A European Feast

    A European Feast

    Learn the Best European Dishes in this multi-city interactive culinary travel experience. Join us in Rome, Lisbon AND Prague!

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    Hip Eats & Backstreets Food Tour

    Hip Eats & Backstreets Food Tour

    Eat Your Way Around the City of Light Like a True Parisian

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    Book a Private Tour

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