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London Events and Festivals

Food Trends: London’s best food trucks

Street food is by no means a new fad in London. Produce markets have been operating in various parts of the city for hundreds of years. What has changed (apa...

Chocolate Week is the Golden Ticket

Please sir, can I have some more? … Hang on a minute, that’s not from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. That’s Oliver! Ah well, it’s still very apt. I...

What To Do & Where to Eat in London this Autumn

Food in London is great all year round – what do you expect of a city with more than 12,500 restaurants? But with a number of new openings, food events, fest...

Eating and Food Challenges in London

“I challenge you to a duel,” says food to man Fancy yourself as a seasoned eater then, hey? Are you ready to take on the big boys and bite, chomp...

Notting Hill Carnival: Bringing Caribbean Food To London

Each year one of west London’s trendiest neighbourhoods proves its cultural mettle by playing host to Europe’s largest carnival. Notting Hill Carnival is a c...

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Book a Private Tour

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Twilight Paris Wine Stroll
  • Friday & Saturday
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Eating Rome: Trastevere Pasta Making Class
  • Mon to Sat
  • 3 Hours
  • Small Group

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