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Where to Eat in the Prague Castle District

With its narrow cobbled lanes, magnificent squares, and breathtaking views of Prague, Hradčany, the district surrounding Prague Castle, promises fairytale en...

Prague Restaurants with a view

It’s etched in travel books, scribbled in journals, shared on blogs and websites: Prague is “one of the most beautiful cities in the world”…“a city tha...

10 Free Things to See in Prague

When you’re planning a vacation and you’re on a budget, you might feel like you will have to miss out on a lot of what a city has to offer. Well, you may hav...

3 Unusual Tourist Attractions in Prague

There are plenty of things to see and do in Prague, but besides the main tourist attractions (the Astronomical Clock, Charles Bridge and the Prague Castle), ...

5 Best Attractions in Prague

The beautiful city of Prague offers a long list of unique sights, a finger-licking food scene and lots of history behind the city itself. Whether you’re look...

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Prague Craft Beer & Food Tasting Tour

Prague Craft Beer & Food Tasting Tour

Beer gardens, bars, & amazing food. An unforgettable day in Prague.

  • Fridays
  • 4 Hours
  • Private tour
Book a Private Tour

Book a Private Tour

Already traveling in a large group or want something different? All our tours can be taken privately or we can create a tour just for you!

  • Private tour
Family Fun
Eating Rome: Trastevere Pasta Making Class
  • Mon to Sat
  • 3 Hours
  • Small Group

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