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10 Tips to Ordering Italian Wine Like a Pro

Does ordering wine in a restaurant strike fear into your heart? Do enormous wine lists bring you out in a cold sweat? Do you look at the sommelier with a mix...

Marco Lori’s 13 Tips for a Wine Tour in Italy

Italy has a fantastic wine culture, so you can’t go too far wrong when touring the country’s vineyards and tasting rooms. However, follow my 13 tips and you ...

Guide to Lazio and Tuscany's Thermal Roman Baths

If are in Rome or Florence during the cooler months of the year, warm up the Ancient Roman way: head to the hot springs. Terme, as thermal baths are known in...

Food in Florence: Where to Eat & Drink in the Best Restaurants

Most people steer their first thoughts of Florence towards the Renaissance: the Medici family, the paintings in the Uffizi, the spectacular piazzas, the stat...

Cooking Classes in Florence

If your idea of a great Italian vacation includes a kitchen, look no further than Florence. Taking a cooking class that will teach you how to make your favor...

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The Other Side of Florence Food Tour

The Other Side of Florence Food Tour

Discover Florence’s local favorites & taste what makes Tuscany’s cuisine so unique

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Taste of Testaccio
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