About Us

About Us

We are giving people a taste of Europe they won’t soon forget by exposing them to real food, people and neighbourhoods. Our mission is to leave travelers with an unparalleled, non-touristy, food-related experience in undiscovered neighborhoods of the most fascinating cities in the world.
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Our Promise To Our Guests

Experience the City Like a True Insider

We provide you access to places where locals eat and drink and give insider knowledge you wouldn't learn otherwise

Ensure You Taste the Best Food in Town

We make sure you don't leave the city without having tried the tastiest, most iconic food this city has to offer

Create Memories that Stick

Let us help you create unforgettable memories filled with food, laughter and meeting new friends

Elevate Your Whole Travel Experience

From the moment you book with us we'll provide you with essential travel tips and local insights

How Eating Europe Was Born

Kenny portrait

Kenny Dunn – Founder & Managing Director

After spending three years travelling around the world, Kenny returned to his hometown of Philadelphia in 2003, with an armful of stories that almost all involved food! 

There was the time he cooked a fresh catch on the beach with an Indonesian fisherman. And another when he was invited for a grand family feast at a Moroccan farmhouse. Food was the gateway into each culture and sharing it with strangers had created his most unforgettable experiences. 

However, it wasn’t until he moved to Rome in 2009 that Kenny really developed a passion for European cuisine. Like any expat, he received several visits from friends and family who were keen to see his new home. He’d often take his visitors to his favourite backstreet eateries, where he’d love introducing them to the people behind the food. 

From Armando, the toothless gelato maker, to Flavio, the charismatic chef with a claim to the city’s best carbonara, Kenny’s guests fell in love with the characters and stories that came with each dish!

After some encouragement, he finally decided to turn his casual neighborhood stroll into an actual tour. At the time, food tours were rare and Kenny spotted a unique opportunity to give travellers a real taste of the Italian life he’d come to love!

In 2011, Eating Italy Food Tours was born!

Kenny then began traveling to other cities in Europe and meeting people who shared the same burning passion for showing curious travelers the local food, places and people in their own neighborhoods. In each city this person worked hard to create the same unforgettable food tours that Eating Italy was offering in Rome. In London, Nicole was soon introducing guests to Poppy the owner of her local “chippy.” In Prague, Robert was breaking gingerbread cookies with guests, and in Amsterdam, Dimitri was teaching people the many different ways to eat fresh herring.

Eating Italy Food Tours soon became Eating Europe. The team and the destinations continue to grow and today are sharing a taste of local life in nine cities all across Europe.

Some of the people who make it happen

Kenny aka ''The boss'' + ''First food tour in Rome (and London!) guy"

Kenny aka ''The boss'' + ''First food tour in Rome (and London!) guy" Managing Director

Favorite Food: I would have to say my favorite dish is bucatini all’amatriciana - a simple and delicious Italian pasta!
Renske aka ''THE BOSS''

Renske aka ''THE BOSS'' Director of Global Operations

Favorite Food: I love cheese! Any cheese as long as it's not made in a factory. But my absolute favorite cheese is real Italian mozzarella. Watch out for the fake mozzarella. Get the real deal!
Richard aka "The Closer"

Richard aka "The Closer" Director of Sales

Favorite Food: I'm from the Netherlands, so I gotta say herrings!
Gaia aka "Ace of Diamonds"

Gaia aka "Ace of Diamonds" Regional Operations Manager

Favorite Food: As a country girl, I love good hearty food and red wine. My favorites are all sorts of offal, stomachs, tongues....whatever you think should be thrown away!
Katrina aka "Wonder Woman"

Katrina aka "Wonder Woman" Regional Operations Manager

Favorite Food: My favorite dish is one my grandma makes - white fish cooked in onion, tomato and white wine sauce with roasted herb potatoes!
Barbara aka "Fantastic Numerist"

Barbara aka "Fantastic Numerist" Operations Manager - Rome

Favorite Food: My favorite food is pizza romana: pizza in Rome is really thin and crunchy!
Madi aka "Sweet Hammer"

Madi aka "Sweet Hammer" Operations Manager - Rome

Favorite Food: Jewish style artichokes!
Nicole aka "Pillar of Wisdom"

Nicole aka "Pillar of Wisdom" Operations Manager - London

Favorite Food: I love cheese, any shape, colour, texture- blue to burrata, Comte to triple cream, truffle Pecorino to Halloumi, paired with a glass of wine!
Beatriz aka "Porto's Sunshine"

Beatriz aka "Porto's Sunshine" Operations Manager - Porto

Favorite Food: Grilled octopus!
Silvana aka "Fiery Spirit"

Silvana aka "Fiery Spirit" Operations Manager - Paris

Favorite Food: Any kind of cheese!
Eva aka "Dynamic Powerhouse"

Eva aka "Dynamic Powerhouse" Operations Manager - Prague

Favorite Food: Traditional Kuba!
Benardo aka ''Business Cards Guy''

Benardo aka ''Business Cards Guy'' Operations Manager - Amsterdam

Favorite Food: I love all the Dutch cusine!
Clara aka "Gentle Genius"

Clara aka "Gentle Genius" Operations Manager - Berlin

Favorite Food: Classic Flammkuchen!
Sara aka ''Everything Everywhere All at Once''

Sara aka ''Everything Everywhere All at Once'' Operations Manager - Lisbon + Customer Service + Portugal Content Creator!

Favorite Food: Arroz de Pato (Duck Rice)!
Aldo aka "Napoli Dynamo"

Aldo aka "Napoli Dynamo" Operations Manager - Naples

Favorite Food: Neapolitan Pizza. What else?
Romena aka "Serene Venetian"

Romena aka "Serene Venetian" Operations Manager - Venice

Favorite Food: The typical Venetian creamy codfish!
Christina aka "Greek Power"

Christina aka "Greek Power" Operations Manager - Athens

Favorite Food: Spinach Pie with tons of feta cheese!
Shabby aka "London Brainstorm"

Shabby aka "London Brainstorm" Operations Manager - London

Favorite Food: British Native Oysters!
Giusi aka ''Sicily's Blaze"

Giusi aka ''Sicily's Blaze" Operations Manager - Palermo

Favorite Food: Pasta with green peas!
Sara aka "Portugal's Sweet Spark"

Sara aka "Portugal's Sweet Spark" Porto Tour Guide + Customer Service!

Favorite Food: Portuguese fish stew!
Beatrice aka ''Florence Charm''

Beatrice aka ''Florence Charm'' Assistant Operations Manager - Florence

Favorite Food: My absolute addiction is the creamy, dense, divine gelato, expecially after a slice of pizza. I have the superpower of making them both disappear in one heartbeat!
Yuri aka "The Finance Whiz"

Yuri aka "The Finance Whiz" Accounting

Favorite Food: I love...meat!
Leo aka "French Class"

Leo aka "French Class" Global Guides Trainer

Favorite Food: Pasta with artichokes and lemon rind!
MIchele aka "Peerless Partner"

MIchele aka "Peerless Partner" Media Strategist

Favorite Food: I love Jewish Style Artichokes!
Liam aka ''Golden Boy''

Liam aka ''Golden Boy'' Content Manager

Favorite Food: Pizza, pizza, pizza!
Francesco aka ''I Like Purple''

Francesco aka ''I Like Purple'' Director of Marketing

Favorite Food: Campari with fresh grapefruit juice 😊

Our tour guide, Michele, was very knowledgeable, friendly and a great host. I felt like I would not have been able to get this experience had I not done it through Eating Europe, and specifically, with Michele. It exceeded my expectations. The quality of drinks, food and locations we went to were exceptional. I have already recommended this experience to my friends and family, and will plan to do this again in the future.

- Andrew G.

Our tour guide was fantastic. I’m glad we did this particular tour because I wouldn’t have necessarily gone out to see this part of the city on my own and I would have been missing out on a great historical, culture rich area.

- Amanda B.

Dario was excellent. I chose the tour from reviews and loved it so much. Best tour we took in Italy!!!

- Nancy B.

Naseem was just fantastic. To have someone who grew up in the neighbourhood talk about Roman history and recent history while taking you to the places he played and ate gelato was a privilege – a living social historical event! Thanks so much for a truly memorable morning.

- Amy B.

Valetina was a great guide! Kind and helpful, she did a great job educating us! It was great to see how close she was with all the stops we had. Would recommend to others!

- Derek M.

Luca did an exceptional job with the tour, talking in detail about food, history, and culture. We went to some fantastic places — some we have already gone back to for a second visit. Thanks Luca!

- James G.

Toni was the very best! She was engaging, knowledgeable and really bonded with my girls!

- Jennifer H.

We had a blast walking through Trastevere with Rogelio. He knew so much cool history, the setting was beautiful and the food was delightful.

- Summer K.

Luca was absolutely AMAZING! We had a whirlwind vacation with travel through London, Paris, Rome and a cruise through the islands of Greece. We saw a ton on our vacation, but everyone in our group of 4 actually rated the Trestavere Twilight food tour as #1 of all the things we did and saw over our entire trip!

- Julie

Manu was an amazing guide! Very knowledgeable, friendly, funny. The food was amazing and we learned so much. The tour made a very hot day in Rome absolutely lovely.

- Allison

We had a great time on the food tour. Our tour guide Luca was very informative and entertaining. The evening flew by and we were all full of good food and wine!

- Shannan

Our guide Luca was outstanding. Informative and entertaining. He developed a real sense of family within our group. The food and the choice of eating establishments was wonderful!

- Richard

Renee was amazing! He was fun, personable, and super knowledgeable about food and Amsterdam. The group size allowed for us to ask questions and it was not too big where we could not hear him. The shops and restaurants Renee chose were great! I totally recommend this tour.

- Meghan K.

Our Tour guide was terrific and the afternoon was very informative not only in the eating experience but the local history. We enjoyed the whole afternoon.

- Lynne

We had a great time and we were fortunate to have Renee all to ourselves. He was very personable and we enjoyed the food, conversation, and canal ride. We highly recommend.

- Jennifer W.

What fun and so delicious! Our guide was knowledgeable and energetic. And did she ever have us full by the end of the tour. I highly recommend this outing.