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Share a taste of local life on one of our award-winning food and culture tours in Prague! Formerly known as Eating Prague Food Tours.
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Due to COVID-19, we are not running food tours in Prague. Please click here to sign-up for an alert when tours begin to run again.

Since 2014 we have welcomed over 20,000 guests on our unforgettable culture and food tours in Prague.

From pairing food with local Czech beers to tasting the best traditional foods on our food tours in Prague, you’ll be left feeling like a true insider in this historical city. We’ll introduce you to the people behind these iconic dishes and drinks and after hearing their fascinating stories, you’ll be wanting to come back for more. Learn the history and local life of Prague through its cuisine with us.

Prague Food Tour

Dine in the same cafe as Albert Einstein and meet the local vendors keeping the city’s food traditions alive, on this 4-hour adventure that explores the history of Prague through its cuisine.

Mon - Sat
3.5 hours
Small Group
New Prague Experience!

A Taste of Life Under Communism

Take a peek behind the Iron Curtain and get a taste of life in Prague under communism. A fun and informative tour that explores the history of Prague during the Communist era through food, storytelling and historical site visits.

Mon - Sat (3 hrs)
Small Group

Das Geschmack vom Leben im Kommunismus

Blicken Sie hinter den Eisernen Vorhang und erleben Sie das Leben in Prag im Kommunismus. Nehmen Sie an unserer unterhaltsamen und informativen Tour teil, die die Geschichte von Prag während der kommunistischen Ära durchs Essen, Geschich...

Mo. - Sa.
3 stunde
Kleine Gruppe

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Looking for a special activity for your company, family or friends? Our private food tours will take you off the beaten path and immerse you in local history and culture. Enjoy mouth-watering food tastings set...

Meet Your Local Prague Tour Guides



Originally from Slovakia, I've been living in Prague for over a decade now
My favorite food is potato dumplings stuffed with pork meet and cabbage on the side
Go to Nový Svět - a hidden area around Prague castle...where you immediately feel like the time stands still


I was born and raised in Prague
My favorite dish is traditional kuba - a bit of a forgotten dish with barley and forest mushroom
For a great view with beer or goulash, go to Strahov Monastery and St. Norbert Brewery - it's central but quiet


I grew up in Kladno, an industrial town half an hour from Prague
My favorite food is chocolate - I'm a chocolate addict!
Visit the river and the islands, mainly Kampa, Petřín orchards and Vyšehrad


Born in the UK but have lived in Prague for over 30 years
My favorite food is duck
Go to Restaurant U Bansethů for the duck and dumplings!


From Scotland, I've lived in Prague since 2011
My favorite Czech food is Svickova or old style bohemian venison goulash
Relax at the Vysehrad away from all the tourist traps for amazing views!
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