Eating Europe’s Flexi-Pass™!

The Best Travel Gift Card - No Expiration Dates. Fully Transferable & Redeemable.

Introducing Eating Europe’s Flexi-Pass™

  • Value Never Expires!
  • Instantly Redeemable!
  • Fully Transferable and Gift-able!
  • Can be Used for Multiple Bookings!
  • No Booking Fees*!

Whether you are looking to give a gift for others or yourself, the Eating Europe Flexi-Pass™ is the travel gift card you’ll never want to be without! This travel gift card is redeemable in any of our locations (today or in the future!) for over 40 different award winning tours and experiences – food tours, cocktail & wine tastings, cooking classes and more!

Here’s how the Flexi-Pass™ works:

  • Select ANY Value. Review the tours to find the best value or select any denomination.
  • No Expiration Date. You can use the Flexi-Pass™ to book a tour next month or in 3 years
  • Fully Transferable. The value can be transferred at any time – full or partial amounts
  • Redeemable for Every Experience – can be redeemed immediately for any city and any tour or experience we offer, even if the city or tour doesn’t exist today – or hold on to this travel gift card until you are ready to book
  • Send as a Gift. At booking you can choose to send the Flexi-Pass™ as a gift for friends and family
  • No Booking Fees*. To purchase a Flexi-Pass™ today

Get started by choosing a destination below. The Flexi-Pass™ can be redeemed in any of our locations!

*booking fees may apply when selecting your tour location and date. 
Flexi-Pass™ is non-refundable.