Travel Advisors

Travel Advisors

Send your clients on a culinary introduction to Europe’s most beautiful cities.

Book One of Our Unique Food Experiences and Earn Commission!

If you’re a travel advisor, you have the option to book tours directly with Eating Europe and receive a commission. You’ll be offering your customers an exciting, food-focused experience they won’t forget – and earning cash at the same time!

Whether you’re booking for individuals, small or large groups, or private tours, we can help. With our user-friendly booking process, booking for your guests on any of our existing tours is simple and straightforward.

When you work with Eating Europe Tours, you’ll have access to a dedicated B2B portal that displays a real time inventory and automatically applies commissionable rates. If you want a private experience, please get in touch with us directly to block out an existing tour as an exclusive experience for your group.

We can also arrange custom tours to best suit the interests of your travelers – just contact us!

The Eating Europe Experience

We offer so much more than a food tour.

Our tour guides are passionate people who love food and are proud ambassadors of their city. We have developed relationships with the local restaurateurs and food vendors, so our guests can meet the personalities behind the delicious foods they are sampling.

We take visitors down the backstreets to reveal hidden gems they wouldn’t find out about from a guide book. Our tours offer a unique perspective on the cities we visit. After all, there’s nothing like good food and drink to bring people together – no matter where in the world you are!

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A moving feast on the streets of Rome.

Interspersing history, tradition and local food culture in a less seen side of the city.

A food tour that’s off the beaten path.

The tours are a perfect mix of story-telling, interacting with locals, walking, and eating in an off-the-tourist-track neighborhood.