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Since 2011 Eating Europe have welcomed over 200,000 guests from all over the world.

Paris is any food lover’s dream. There is so much mouth-watering food on offer, the question is not what are you going to taste while in Paris, but rather how will you possibly be able to taste it all!. As incredible as Paris’s food scene may be, knowing where to go for the perfect buttery croissant, the best charcuterie, and which restaurants offer an unforgettable evening every single time does require local knowledge.

This is where we come in- to be your local guide. We want to ensure that you steer clear of all of those misleading tourist traps and instead discover the places where the people that make the food are as passionate about making it as you are about tasting it.

Let us open your eyes to the Paris we know and love. We will enjoy the best foods both the classics and what is inspiring and new at unique, often small places that us Parisians are proud to call our very own. An Eating Europe food tour will shape your entire experience in Paris- join us and we will show you how.

Chef PJ’s Montmartre Food Tour

Go on a professional & fun food tour in Montmartre with a local Chef that includes an unforgettable stop at his restaurant for a food & wine feast! Discover the neighborhood, the culture and everything you wanted to know about French Cui...

Weds- Sun
3 hours
Small Group (Private tours in English, French & Italian)
€119 €99

In The Footsteps of
The French Chef Food Tour

This experience will take you into the life of America’s most famous French Chef, Julia Child, and the chefs that inspired her and the food that fed her passion. .

Weds- Sun
3 hours
Small Group (Private tours in English, French, Spanish & Italian)
€139 €109

Book a Private Tour

Our private food tours in Paris will take you off the beaten path and immerse you in local history and culture. A friendly guide will take you to beloved local haunts where you’ll enjoy mouth-watering food tastings set up especially for ...

Meet Your Local Paris Tour Guides



Born in Las Vegas, I came to Paris in 2017 to get my PhD
Blanquette de Veau (veal blanquette) is my favorite French dish!
Leave an afternoon free to read in Luxembourg Garden


Born and raised in Paris
My favorite food is a fresh and simply cooked scallop with salted butter
Go to the Bastille street market on Thursday and Sunday morning!
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A Paris food tour is the perfect experience for those who love the idea of tasting the best of Paris, but are also curious about the daily life of Parisians! We’ll share classic French gourmet foods while lead your exploration of the vibrant neighbourhoods in Paris!  With glistening fruit tarts down one cobbled street and artisanal cheeses down another, Paris presents a particularly drool-worthy panorama! 

By joining our Paris Food Tour, you’ll have the opportunity to experience our passion of the local food scene and enjoy local dishes and wine. And discover why food is a “way of life” here in Paris. As you enjoy authentic local bites ranging from savory to sweet (plus some wine!), you’ll discover the city and many of its hidden corners.

Our local Paris food tour guides have their favorite spots that they are inspired to share, with stories that bring the history and culture of Paris and it’s cuisine to life.

Dodge the crowds with a local, where you will truly have an authentic experience of the City of Light !