Eating Paris: Left Bank Food & Wine Tour

Eating Paris: Left Bank Food & Wine Tour

Introduction to French Gastronomy
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From gourmet excellence to hidden local delights, experience the peak of French gastronomic heights




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Journey through centuries of French gastronomy in Paris’ most fashionable neighborhood. Explore the iconic Saint-Germain des-Prés area while you snack on French cheese eaten by the French President, baguette from a Michelin-starred Chef and modern farm-to-table French cooking from one of the city’s best Néo-bistros.

Throughout this chic tour of les beaux quartiers, you will be transported through time as the history of the city of love is told through world-class food. From (literally) revolutionary bread to stories of thinkers like Hemingway and Picasso all the way through to the boundary-pushing Chefs of today: Paris’ Left Bank has seen it all, and this tour is the best way to get to know its past and present.

Learn about the rich history of French food, including their iconic breadmaking, before sampling one of the richest apple tarts you’ve ever tasted.

Feeling Presidential? Sample cheese from the fromagerie that’s supplied the French “Chef d’état” since the 70’s 🧀

Slip into a hidden food court to taste traditional baking from one of Paris’ most eccentric, Michelin-starred chefs ⭐

Indulge in naturally infused chocolate from the iconic “Genius of Flavors” 🍫

Delight in signature pastries from one of Paris’ best pastry chefs 👩‍🍳

Pay a special visit to to one of the oldest brandy shops in Paris to sip on armagnac and vintage port wine 🍷

Get a look into the present and future of French gastronomy when you sit down for farm-to-table fare and wine at one of Paris’ most popular néo-bistros 👌

See all the neighborhood’s most iconic sights!

Vegetarian-friendly tours but vegan, gluten-free, or kosher options may be limited. Please share dietary restrictions upon booking for best accommodation. Note that tastings outside those catered for your needs are at your own risk. The company assumes no responsibility for any food allergies or intolerances.

  • Expert Local Guides: Fun, knowledgeable, and English-fluent Paris locals.
  • Paris’ Hidden Gems: Enjoy exclusive access to local favorites where you’re treated like family.
  • Culinary Diversity: Taste a variety of delicious dishes, and hear the stories behind the food.
  • Cultural Immersion: See Paris through the eyes of a local.
  • Established Expertise: Since 2011, simply the best food tours in Paris

"This was the only our we needed for our weekend trip. We saw so many hidden spots we’d never otherwise have visited and Lulu was kind, knowledgeable and funny. 10/10 👏 "
— Liesl Reed | Facebook
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  • Adolescent (13-17 years) From €129

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Meet Your Local Paris Tour Guides

Experience the city with a Paris food tour guide and feel like a local.

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Something simple like a crêpe oeuf fromage, a croissant aux amandes or just any kind of cheese
My favourite spot is by the river, anywhere between Pont d'Alexandre and the Ile Saint Louis. Have an picnic and a glass of wine
I was born & raised in Paris but spent a lot of time abroad, including 6 years in Shanghai, China
I’m obsessed with everything food & beverage related and have a great love for hospitality and bonding with people from all over the world. My fav french food is a very simple, yet delicious tarragon roasted chicken with some roasted potatoes and green beans.
My fav thing to do in Paris would be walking around my neighborhood, le Marais, and discover newly opened restaurants
Born and raised in Portland, Oregon, I moved to Paris in 2018 to pursue a Master's Degree in International Relations. Giving food tours combines my lifelong love of cooking & eating with my training in cultural diplomacy.
My favorite French food is foie gras...controversial but so delicious!
My favorite thing to do in Paris is "flâner," to walk without a purpose and enjoy what one encounters, usually ending with a glass of wine on a terrasse.
My name is Camila and I'm from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I've been living in Paris since 2018. Spending these years as a local, studying, tasting, absorbing and exploring the city, allow me now to share my knowledge and love for Paris to others. I’m also an actress and a filmmaker.
My favorite French food? All the pastries this country has to offer.
The thing I enjoy the most in Paris is going to a good local restaurant and walking around everywhere, discovering hidden streets, gardens and passages.
Born and raised in Paris, I started studying law but quit to follow my passion for history in La Sorbonne. I’m specialist in Parisian restaurants and cafés history and just published a book about it.
I love spending time in the great Aligre market and exploring my city, looking for the best food spots—particularly sweet, as a flan parisien or pain au chocolat.
When it's rainy and I'm not working on my thesis, I love listening to music and reading, comics as much as classics, as Guy de Maupassant.
I'm a French Kiwi, (we're known as Friwis!) and grew up in New Zealand. I've been constantly exploring Paris for 27 years. I'm a proud Parisienne and passionate about my city, forever in awe of its beauty and quirks and transformation, and I love sharing that passion with visitors.
My favourite French food has got to be a good magret de canard but I love all good food!
What I love most about Paris is that you never know what is around a corner -who or what you'll run into and what will happen. And you may think you know an area well but have you seen the magic that's behind that closed door when it opens, or the wonder of the street behind that one you always take?
From Paris, born and raised in the city.
Baguette of course ! With cheese or charcuterie... and French fries but Belgian people will tell you it is not French.
Explore the city by walking, discover new places such as restaurants, coffees, museums! Also reading at a terrace or in a park during the summer season. My favorite one? Parc Monceau in the 17th!
I'm Juan french-ecuadorian born and raised in Paris la Bastille.
What's my favorite French dish? I'd say it depends on the terroir, of course, but I can't stay away from French cheese for too long.
I'm in love with my city and I consider myself a flâneur, I like to wander aimlessly through the streets and over the bridges of Paris.
I am a Danish and American wine and food enthusiast with a deep passion for storytelling and creating memorable experiences.
My favorite French food is probably Sole Meunier (from Bistro Paul Bert of course) and all of the oysters from Normandie.
My favorite thing about Paris is that every single day contains so many possibilities. I’ll be walking about myself, stumble into a friend on the street, and all of the sudden we will be sharing a bottle of rosé champagne and talking for hours.
I grew up in Durham/Chapel Hill, North Carolina and have been living in Paris since 2010 as a published novelist (Slim and The Beast (Inkshares, 2015), The Requisitions (Kingdom Anywhere, 2024)
My favorite French food would have to be la baguette tradition, which can easily accompany a boeuf bourguignon complete with a simple purée.
My favorite thing to do in Paris is to flâner, to leave my home in the morning with a notebook, a book, and no other plan, and see where the city leads me.