A Taste of Old Napoli

Walking the colourful backstreets of Naples is to go back in time. Discover the sidewalk stands, the iconic food and meet the passionate people keeping the city's traditions alive.
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Due to COVID-19, we are not currently running food tours in Naples. Please click here to sign-up for an alert when tours begin to run again.

Take a trip back in time to old Napoli…

Naples is the most superstitious city in Italy with its fables, legends and ghost stories. Join us as we explore undiscovered corners of the city that most tourists don’t see. You’ll wander up and down the cobbled streets of the old Spanish Quarter and other local neighbourhoods, enjoying food once prepared for kings and noble families, but still enjoyed by the locals today!

Our food tour takes you away from the tourist traps to areas unseen by most travellers. Not only will you try real Neapolitan pizza, you’ll taste local specialties such as deep-fried pasta and the flakey pastry sfogliatella. Our tour also includes a stop at the city’s largest open-air food market, where you’ll have your fill of the tastiest street food.

Escape the crowds and join us for an unforgettable day of eating, drinking and socialising!

Please note: tour stops, tastings and number of tastings are likely to change slightly to reflect seasonal produce, vendor opening hours and availability.

Please click here to sign-up for an alert when tours begin to run again.

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Tour Highlights Include

Devour a tasty pastry which has been eaten here since the 1700s, and learn the fascinating story of its discovery.

Narrow streets with washing drying in the wind, vibrant food stalls and noisy scooters carrying whole families - the Spanish Quarter is quintessential Naples at its finest!

Taste one of the city’s favourite and most delicious street foods - deep-fried pasta!

Soak up the sights, sounds and culture as you wander through the Pignasecca Food Market.

You can't leave Naples without having a traditional Neapolitan pizza, of course!

Visit an extravagant old building now used as a shopping centre, and learn why it's so important to the city.

Give the kids a break from sightseeing and explore the city like a local instead.

Stop for an Italian cheese tasting, paired perfectly with a glass of wine.

How to Arrive for Your Naples Food Tour

How you get there is up to you (transport to the meeting point is not included)

When you reserve your spot, we’ll give you the exact location of the meeting point

At the end of our tour, our guides can point you in the right direction or call a taxi for you (or give you a recommendation of what to see next nearby)

Your Food Tour Schedule



The food tour takes place in the Spanish Quarter and Pignasecca Market.



You can cancel up to 24 hours before your tour date. For further details please review our cancellation policy.



The food tour is Mon-Sat at 10am. Tours are not held on National Holidays. Please check the booking page for available dates.

We enjoyed our mini food tour of central Naples. This gave a great snapshot of Napoli, the people and the food they love. Food was tasty and the guide informative. Do at beginning of your stay if you can.

- ChappersRu (TripAdvisor Review)

An amazing tour when you have a broad view of Napolitan gastronomy. I’lll never forget the tastes here because Naples is much more than “the land where the pizza Margherita was invented”. Aldo also is a great and funny guide that made our visit much more interesting!

- Patacosta (TripAdvisor Review)

This is a great tour. Francesco was a great guide – knowledgeable and friendly and very helpful with recommendations at the end of the tour. He really gave us a great flavor of the city, both food-wise and culturally!

- Campion97 (TripAdvisor Review)

What a great experience! Had the good fortune of having not one, but two fantastic guides, Leandra and the main man, Francesco. Thanks to this tour, I not only learned and tasted amazing Neapolitan cuisine (yumm does not even begin to describe the food), but also about the city, its history, and the warmth and hospitality that Napoli has to offer.

- Richardnolan (TripAdvisor Review)

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