East Berlin Food & History Tour

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Few tourists will truly experience East Berlin and its unprecedented transformation from a bleak, uniform reality under communism into one of the most diverse, the most vibrant, and most fascinating areas in Europe, if not the world. Join us as we trace this part of Berlin’s history together using food as a way to truly connect to the people and East Berlin’s vibrant culture. If you want to get a first hand experience of this fascinating part of the city and its unparalleled history- join us on this food and history tour of East Berlin.

What you’ll experience on this tour:

  • A modern take on a historical dish, a Turkish/German collaboration, the Kebab
  • A visit with Syrian refugees at a beautiful supper club where we taste some of their traditional flavors and learn how beautifully they have integrated into the culture of Berlin. 
  • Discover delicious flammkuchen and find out if it’s French or German, who really occupied that slice of land when this iconic dish was invented? 
  • The distinctive food of Germany is also celebrated with Beer which pairs perfectly with a taste of schnitzelbrot, one of our most widely eaten and celebrated dishes. 
  • The traditional dessert of the school children both before and after the fall of the wall. It is not a birthday without this celebrated layer cake. 
  • Among the historical sites we see is the Gated enclave that was the housing community for the Soviet Secret Police, only the outlines remain of where the gates were torn down. 
  • A Visit to the historic Berlin Wall to get the real story behind this iconic monument

This walking tour takes you from East Berlin to the West, along the way we will visit many of the international communities that have settled in Berlin. We will taste their contributions to the city’s ever evolving food scene. Berlin’s recent history is worthy of a tour all by itself, while you are enjoying the food and drink we will recount all that has happened and changed in the last 80 years while visiting some of the most interesting sites that are part of this history.

If you are looking for a food tour of Berlin that offers you so much more- then this experience will exceed even your highest expectations.


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Tour Highlights Include

Discover why Berlin is the most creative city in Europe

Nobody has mastered Street Food quite like Berlin

An international foodie's paradise- Berlin is truly a Culinary Melting Pot of Flavors and Traditions

No German food tour is complete without a frothy beer in a big glass

Get an up close look at the food artisans as they prepare many of the iconic plates like Flammküche

the quintessential German Donor Kebab...so good!

Taste this quintessential German dessert that all children grew up loving

Food, wine and great company ...the perfect combo


Max. 12 People


3.5 Hours


Mornings and Afternoons




Moderate walk through back streets


Adaptable for Vegetarians


24 Hours in Advance for Full Refund