Florence Sunset Food Tour Guide

Florence Sunset Food Tour Guide

Florence Sunset Food Tour Guide

Wander cobble-stoned streets in the hippest neighbourhood in Florence. You’ll be sipping on traditional Italian aperitivos, eating at the best hidden gems that Tuscany has to offer and listen to the history of this iconic place. Not only that, you’ll get to meet the local food heroes who own these family-run shops and hear their amazing stories. Here is everything you need to know about the stops on your tour!

Truffle Cheese and Finocchiona salami are just some of the local delicacies that proud owners Marzio and Katiuscia will serve you at their family-run alimentari (grocery store).


Address: Via dei Serragli 39r

Managed by a father-daughter duo, this bar-meets-tobacco store-meets-café is a centre for the local community. Take part in a live Negroni demonstration, learn all the secrets of the aperitivo culture…and of course taste one!


Address: Borgo San Frediano 31

A reminder of the centuries-old tradition of the vintners guild, today’s Vinaini are a staple of Florentine lifestyle. Try the signature Vino Sfuso, ‘loose wine’ with a Lardo di Colonnata crostino – you won’t regret it!


Address: Borgo San Frediano 16r

Taste a glass of Tuscan Chianti Classico at this wine shop, in the capital of one of the best wine regions in Italy. Pair it with Panzanella or Pappa col pomodoro… and push your limits with Trippa alla Fiorentina!


Address: Via Dei Serragli 47r

Bistecca alla Fiorentina can be described as the king of Florentine cuisine. At this historic trattoria, owned by local sporting heroes, you can taste one of the best in town, alongside the traditional serving of cannellini beans!


Address: Via Ardiglione 47r

Just about any good meal in Tuscany ends with Cantucci and Vin santo, a selection of almond biscotti dunked in sweet wine. Savour this delicacy while enjoying the vibe of Santo Spirito square!


Address: Via dei Michelozzi 19