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London Old Docks – Historic Pub Tour

London Old Docks - Historic Pub Tour
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Explore this old pirates & artists hangout, one historic pub at a time

If you’re visiting London or want to explore more of this vast city you call home, why not let us take you back in time to London’s historic old docks?

Here was once home to a bustling trading port, full of thieves, dockers, sailors – even pirates! Now it’s a lot quieter – a residential area, lined with cobblestone lanes and old warehouse buildings with breathtaking riverside views of the city.

The dockers and pirates may be long gone, but the places they ate and drank in, and their stories are still very much alive. All served up with London’s best craft brews, ciders, and its finest pub grub, including more than a few dishes which are sure to wow! Come along for an unforgettable trip back in time.


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the best local food places in real neighbourhoods


insider knowledge for exploring the city on your own


the table, food and company of like-minded global travellers


stories you will find yourself retelling over and over

Tour highlights may include

Discover the neighbourhood once home to London’s thriving docks and learn about the food that fueled their trade and became the staples of British cuisine.

Taste the beer that was once said to save British sailors from a grizzly end. Not a beer drinker? No worries! We will happily swap your beers for another British classic: cider.

Dive into some classic pub grub whilst you learn about its history and origins.

Enjoy some of London’s best brews from traditional ales, craft ales and ciders only found on this side of the Atlantic.

Soak in the gorgeous views of London’s skyline as you stroll along the picturesque waterfront not seen by many tourists

Revel in tales of pirates, thieves and artists told in the same places they once called home.

Explore the 4 of the oldest taverns left on the riverside and take a deeper look at what lurks beneath the surface.

Check Out TripAdvisor Reviews From Our Happy Guests

Damon – Tripadvisor Review

Lee, our guide, was really knowledgeable and fun! The food was fantastic and the ales, beer and ciders were amazing. Plus, I learned a lot, so what’s not to love? I highly recommend the tour!

Damon – Tripadvisor Review

Food Heroes

Extraordinary food is made by extraordinary people.
Whenever we find very special food in London, we know behind each culinary creation is someone who is very passionate about what they do.

On our tours, you’ll not only taste these delicious treats but you’ll also get a chance to meet the people who prepare them.

Food tastes even better when you know the story behind it.

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