Taste of Testaccio Guide

Taste of Testaccio Guide

Taste of Testaccio Food Tour Guide

Testaccio is the original foodie neighbourhood of Rome and where cucina Romana (Roman cuisine) was born. It is no coincidence that it’s known to Romans as the “heart of Rome”. Walking and eating with us through the streets of Testaccio lets you experience Rome like a local, in a neighbourhood where people actually live, eat and shop.

Tour starting point: L’Oasi della Birra

This family-run bakery has been run by the Passi family since 1975. They have two ovens – one for bread and one for cookies.


Address: Via Mastro Giorgio 87

At this trendy bar run by couple Emiliano and Rita you’ll sample some of Italy’s finest cheeses and meats and enjoy a glass of wonderful, local wine.


Address: Via Galvani 39/41

This typical local restaurant and pizzeria specialises in Roman street food, such as supplì.


Address:Via Luca della Robbia 21/23

A visit to Testaccio market wouldn’t be complete without tasty tomato bruschetta, Rome’s best buffalo mozzarella and Roman street food and craft beer.


Address: Via Beniamino Franklin

Try the hat-trick of Roman classics – carbonara, cacio e pepe and amatriciana – at this award-winning restaurant built into the side of Monte Testaccio.


Address: Via di Monte Testaccio 97

Graduate from our gelato school at Giolitti, the bustling neighbourhood bar serving up some of the city’s best since 1914.


Address: Via Amerigo Vespucci 35