A Message from Eating Europe

Please read this important information message from Eating Europe regarding the COVID-19. 

The last several weeks have been such an anxious time for everyone. With most of our team being in Italy,

andrà tutto bene - "everything will be ok"
andrà tutto bene – “everything will be ok”

we have seen first hand the awful threat that the world is confronting at this moment.

We are committed to keeping our guests, our staff, our tour guides, and our small business partners safe. We also want to do our part in supporting the precautionary measures that will help slow down the spread of the COVID-19 disease.

We have decided to suspend all upcoming tours through May 1st as a first course of action. We are also urging everyone to please take the maximum precaution possible at this time by practicing what the health authorities globally are recommending – social distancing and staying at home as much as possible.

Over the last nine years we have seen the positive and lasting affect that can happen when different people from all over the world connect around food. This simple notion has been at the core of what we do at Eating Europe since the very first days.

We want to keep connecting around food with all of you and encourage you to do the same with those you are with at home. Let’s all use this time indoors to cook new things in creative and different ways, to learn a new skill in the kitchen.

To get behind this we are going to begin sharing recipes of our favourite dishes from the countries and cities where we run our food tours.

Use hashtag #connectwithfood to show us what you’re cooking!

Here in Italy we are all rallying around the expression “andrà tutto bene ” which in English means “everything will be ok.”

Let’s get through this together!


Kenny Dunn, Founder
Eating Europe