Author: Catherine Simes

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    Author: Catherine Simes

    Where to Watch the World Cup in Rome and What to Eat

    The football World Cup began on Thursday, June 12, with 32 countries from around the globe converging in Brazil to the excitement of fans and World Cup afici...

    Cool Bars in Monti

    A marble stone’s throw away from the Colosseum, the neighbourhood of Monti used to be overlooked by tourists. But it is now known as a funky, hipster a...

    Where to Eat and Food Shop in Garbatella

    Very much outside the Roman city walls, Garbatella is a residential Roman neighbourhood with a difference. Walk past the high-rise apartment blocks away from...

    Eat Your Greens

    Growing up in England, we are constantly told to “eat your greens.” But eating our greens is not made very easy for us. Overcooked, undersalted a...

    5 Best Pasta Restaurants in Rome for Carbonara

    Carbonara is one of my all time favourite dishes. The mixture of eggs, bacon and cheese is always a winner for me, an English girl. So when I first moved to ...

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    A Very European Christmas

    A Very European Christmas

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    A Taste of Strasbourg

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