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Amsterdam on Foot: Where to Walk in the Dutch Capital

What is the best way to get around Amsterdam? The chances are, most people would be quick to answer “bicycle.” And while that’s definitely not wrong, you may...

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Amsterdam's Red Light District but Were Afraid to Ask

When you hear Amsterdam, you probably think: canals, cannabis and the Red Light District. Not surprisingly, as you’re wandering the streets of the Oudezijds ...

Our Favorite, Foodiest Canal Cruises in Amsterdam

The canals of Amsterdam are deservedly one of our most popular visitor attractions, and as we have talked about before here at Eating Amsterdam, you simply c...

Amsterdam Neighborhoods in a Nutshell

Amsterdam is one of those European cities that one would consider very “manageable” (especially when you compare it to cities like London or Paris). That is ...

10 Things I Learned on the Jordaan Food & Canals Tour

When I joined the Jordaan Food & Canals Tour on a misty but surprisingly warm morning in December, I was very anxious to delve into the history of the bu...

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Late Night in Rome: VIP Golf Cart Drinks & Bites Tour

Late Night in Rome: VIP Golf Cart Drinks & Bites Tour

An unparalleled night journey in Rome with riding along the city's bustling streets under the stars, stopping for killer drinks and top notch wines and bites.

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