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Category: Rome

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    Meatballs in Tomato Sauce Recipe

    Meatballs in tomato sauce recipe is my all-time favorite! When I was younger, everyone used to visit their grandparent’s house on Sundays to have lunch...

    Our Favorite Easter Traditions in Europe in 2023

    Easter in Europe is an important holiday across many cities and countries – for families and children alike. Children throughout Europe are often told ...

    Pollo con Pepperoni Recipe: Traditional Meat Dish in Roman Cuisine

    Pollo con pepperoni, chicken with bell peppers is One of the most well-known traditional meat dishes in Roman cuisine. It’s a simple dish, very tasty, ...

    Torta Caprese Recipe - A Traditional Italian Dessert

    As much as I enjoyed eating traditional Italian foods when I was younger, I lived with the idea that American desserts were superior to Italian desserts. Sur...

    Cacio e Pepe: History and Recipe

    When in Rome, you’ll often hear a Roman waiter say, “Try cacio e pepe!” And often, tourists will not know exactly what that means. But I can assure you...

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    Undiscovered Lisbon Food Tour

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