Author: Dalila

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    Author: Dalila

    Alternative tours of Rome

    Heading over to Rome and not sure where to start? I always think a guided tour is the best way to go. A wonderful group of guides will take you to all the be...

    How to Identify the Best Pizza in Rome

    If you speak to any Italian and ask them what the best pizza in Italy looks like, you are likely to get varied responses. For centuries there has been an ong...

    Pomodori Ripieni di Riso con Patate (RECIPE)

    When I was young, my mom and dad would often take my sister and I out strolling around Rome, showing us all of the different monuments and we would simply ta...

    Where to find the best gelato in Rome

    After living in Rome your whole life, it’s funny hearing someone warn you against gelato tourist traps. I have always taken for granted the fact that in Rome...

    Top Places to Visit in the Italian Riviera

    There’s something magical about the Italian Riviera. A strip of land, ever so thin, and yet lined from east to west with places so beautiful it would be hard...

    Eating Europe Tours

    A Taste of Life in Haarlem Food Tour

    A Taste of Life in Haarlem Food Tour

    Eat Like A Local in Haarlem, Amsterdam's neighbouring medieval city

    • Thurs - Sat
    • 3.5 Hours
    • Private tour
    Book a Private Tour

    Book a Private Tour

    Already traveling in a large group or want something different? All our tours can be taken privately or we can create a tour just for you!

    • Private tour
    Le Marais Twilight Food Tour
    • Mon-Thurs
    • 3 Hours
    • Small Group

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