Author: Mirelle Hassler

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    Author: Mirelle Hassler

    Rome Beaches: The Great Escape

    One of the best things about Rome is its geographic location. Between the seaside and hills, it offers all kinds of getaways. And with the mild temperatures,...

    Valentine's Day in Paris: 7 things to do for couples

    Many would agree, Paris is the most romantic city in the world. In the beautiful City of Light, also dubbed the City of Love, you can enjoy romantic moments ...

    The 5 Best Street Food Spots to Eat in Paris

    Although grabbing a quick bite to eat is not usually associated with French culture, the Paris street food scene has really taken off in recent years. From t...

    Warming up in Paris: Where to get the city's best hot chocolates

    When winter hits Paris, there is nothing better than warming up in a Parisian salon de thé with a cup of rich chocolat chaud. Parisian hot chocolate is some ...

    5 Best Charcuteries in Paris

    In a country where meat is on nearly every menu, it probably comes as no surprise that the French love charcuterie. Found in nearly every Paris bistro, une a...

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    Italian Cantucci Cookie Making for Kids

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