Author: Sonia Kolasinska

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    Author: Sonia Kolasinska

    One Night in Amsterdam

    Amsterdam is a beautiful city to be in, both during the day and at night. Tourists tend to stick to Leidseplein and the Red Light District, but if you’re won...

    How to See the Rijksmuseum in 2 Hours

    I worked just next door to the Rijskmuseum for 2 years, and until a week ago I hadn’t even been inside. I know, I know. It’s shameful. I tried to use the siz...

    Top 5 Wine Bars in Amsterdam

    Wine is not really a strong suit of most typical Amsterdam bars. They can take pride in Belgian and local beers, great borrelhapjes, and their cozy atmospher...

    Borrelhapjes: What do you eat with your beer?

    There are countless kinds of borrelhapjes (literally translating to “drink snacks”), and that’s because beer goes very well with so many different types of f...

    An Immigration Story: Around the World in Dutch Cuisine

    Let’s be honest. What is considered to be traditional Dutch food (mashed potatoes, raw herring, and incredibly thick pea soup) is not the most sophisticated ...

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    Pici Pasta Making Class & Game

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    • Sun., April 11
    • 2 Hours
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    Risotto al Prosecco

    Risotto al Prosecco

    Prepare Risotto al Prosecco, a perfect dish for Romantic Dinners!

    • Fri., April 16
    • 1 Hours
    • Small Group
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