The 7 Best Tours In Rome

When you find yourself in Italy’s capital city, the delicious food, endless history, and stunning architecture can sometimes seem a bit overwhelming to pack into a quick trip. That’s why we’ve picked the 7 best Rome tours for you. Booking a guided walk around is the best way to experience the culture and be at one with the people of the eternal city while learning from a local and traveling around the city like a VIP.  A Rome tour is an essential experience that will help you fully appreciate visiting the eternal city, and deeply understand its countless facets. So here are the 7 top tours to make the very most of your trip, when in Rome…

1. Twilight Trastevere Food Tour (Eating Europe): 109 euros


Explore the brilliant neighbourhood of Trastevere like a VIP. Your evening will consist of endless authentic food, culture tips from your expert guide, and memories to last a lifetime with a new group of friends. Trastevere is famous for its ancient history, but the neighbourhood is far from dead. It’s the centre of Rome’s nightlife and Eating Europe will make sure you feel this buzz. You will feel at one with this trendy community. The tour will give you special access to discover hidden spots serving the most Elite Italian delicacies. The best way to immerse yourself in the culture is by tasting it. We also have other great Rome food tours to explore the city!

2. Collosseum VR and Ancient Rome (Liv Tours): 109 Euros


Ever wondered what it’s like to be a Roman Gladiator? Many people come to Rome in search of a slice of ancient history, but this tour is the closest you will get to time travel. The virtual reality goggles will transport you back 2000 years. You will experience world-famous architecture in all its glory. Liv tours will provide you with exclusive access to the most popular tourist sites. Skip the line for the Colosseum’s Gladiators Gate, and step on the restricted arena floor. With a group size of 6 people, your guide will ensure a detailed learning journey. Palatine Hill and the Roman Forum are a once in a lifetime experience for most tourists, make the most of these wonders by booking onto this three-hour tour. If you’re looking for the best Colosseum tour in Rome, this is the on to go to.

3.Vatican Tour and St. Peter’s Dome Climb (When in Rome Tours): 102 Euros


This walking tour will provide you with a complete adventure of the Vatican. Begin the day unconventionally by climbing the dome at St. Peter’s Basilica. This will give you the most breath-taking view of the city before you dive into further detail with your expert guide. After gazing over the Vatican City from a height, you will have priority access to the must-see Vatican museums. Every intricate detail will be covered by your guide with a panel-by-panel tour of Michelangelo’s ceiling inside the Sistine Chapel. After 4 hours you will be a complete expert of this marvellous history. The hidden secrets of the Catacombs will also be covered alongside the classic sculptures and Chambers.

4.Taste of Testaccio Food Tour (Eating Europe): 79 euros


The first food tour ever run in Rome! Since 2011, it has been the pioneering tour for the many culinary experiences you can find in the Italian capital Get a taste of daily life in Rome’s original foodie neighborhood on this 4-hour adventure that introduces you to all the Italian classics – from bruschetta to gelato. Testaccio is known to locals as the “Heart of Rome” and the birthplace of Roman cuisine. Home to family-run bakeries, gourmet shops, and the famous Testaccio Food Market, filled with 107 locally owned market stalls. Definitely one of the longest-living Rome tours!

5. E-Bicycle Tour (Landimension Tours): 45 Euros

Ride effortlessly around the city, taking in the beautiful sights and feeling the wind in your hair. For 3 hours you will explore the squares, fountains, and monuments. Zip around the Trevi fountain on your E-bike. Tick off all the must-see squares from your bucket list in a matter of hours. Your guide will ensure you make the most of your time and point out the hidden spots to set your tour apart from others. You will be at one with the locals experiencing the market squares, and marvel at the city from a height by taking in panoramic views from a specially selected terrace. 


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6. Trastevere for Foodies + Pasta Making (Eating Europe): from 109 Euros


Eat your way through Trastevere one mouthwatering bite at a time then put your hands in the dough and make the best pasta ever! This is the only food tour that includes a pasta making experience. Stroll through Trastevere to some favorite local spots for iconic dishes like Porchetta, Suppli and cheeses like Pecorino Romano and Parmigiano Reggiano. Then walk to the old school trattoria Rione XIII to finally get your hands in the dough! Your guide will teach you all the secrets to make perfect fresh pasta. You and the fellow travelers will have fun making your own fettuccine and then you will sit down to enjoy this homemade meal! Any good pasta making class needs good wine, and with this experience you’ll drink all the wine you want! To end on a high note, you will head to one of the best gelateria to enjoy the finest organic gelato in Rome. One of the Best Rome tours if you want to combine multiple experiences!

7. Vespa Sidecar Tour with Coffee and Gelato (Romearound Tours): 81 Euros


Live out your Italian dreams by flying around the city on the back of a vespa. Each visitor will be paired with an experienced driver so there is no need to worry about navigating. Whilst taking in the iconic sites of Rome, your guide will give you all the information you need. Then, sit back and relax with Italian coffee and refreshing gelato. You will have a chance to toss a coin in the Trevi fountain and appreciate the ruins of the ancient city.

Final Thoughts

As travel professionals, we can only recommend that you participate in at least one of these Rome tours during your trip. It will help you maximise your time, avoid tourist traps and choose only the best the Eternal City has to offer. In addition, you will meet other travellers with whom you will spend fun hours and see Rome in a new light, with greater awareness and appreciation!

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