It’s breakfast time in Porto! From Portuguese classics like pastel de nata by the Douro River to specialty coffee near Jardim do Carregal, my morning feeds never get old here.

While one of the days of your trip will be taken up by our Porto food tours, you’ll still have a few more breakfasts to squeeze in. To give you some inspiration, I’ve written up this list of my best breakfast spots in the city for you to fuel up and energize for your travels. Let’s get going!

Noshi Coffee


Photo credit: Noshi Coffee

Kicking things off with a Porto favorite of locals and tourists alike, Noshi Coffee sits across the street from Igreja do Carmo. With a focus on health-conscious food and artisanal coffees, you can bet your bellies will be happily content when you leave.

Some of the features I love about Noshi are the bright outdoor area and the dense green hanging plants; it’s like being in a rainforest. They also had an art gallery with some fascinating works, and I could have stayed there all day if I hadn’t been busy.

Noshi’s menu is all about that healthy lifestyle with 100% organic teas from around the globe, fresh juices, and colorful fruits. I opted for the croissant with scrambled eggs, feta, and avocado, one of their staple dishes!

There was so much going on with this dish; the croissant was flaky with some light butteriness, and the scrambled eggs added a creamy edge and blended nicely with the feta crumble. Plus, the avocado gave the flavor profile an earthy side with some nutty notes.

Noshi Coffee (€€) – R. do Carmo 11 12, 4050-164 Porto, Portugal – Every day except Tuesday, 9:00 am to 7:00 pm, and closed on Tuesday

Época Porto


Photo credit: Época Porto

Around the corner from the beautiful park Jardim do Carregal, you can find one of my beloved breakfast spots in the city, Época Porto. 

Cozy, inviting, warm, and homey; that’s how I like to describe this place. Maybe it’s the cute bookshelves above the front desk, the ping pong area, or the puffy pendant lanterns; whatever it is, I love to introduce people to Época Porto.

I am fond of the outdoor space, too, when the tables aren’t taken; they have a couple out front. Normally, those with dogs end up snagging them, but sometimes you can get lucky.

Época Porto is famed for its sourdough bread. They produce eight loaves a day and almost always sell out. The last time I popped by, I ordered a portion with whipped butter, sea salt, and a cup of matcha.

The piece of sourdough was massive, and I got a hefty serving of butter, which I spread before salting it. Each mouthful was tangy, creamy, and slightly bitter. 

The best part hadn’t begun yet, though. Once the matcha was dropped, I was blown away. It was in a huge bowl, and I didn’t know how I was going to drink it all. But, the vegetal flavors mixed with a milf sweetness from the cream was enough to make me go all in.

Época Porto (€€)Rua do Rosário 22, 4050-522 Porto, Portugal – Monday to Friday, 10:00 am to 3:00 pm, and closed on Saturday and Sunday

CA Downtown – Brunch & Specialty Coffee


Photo credit: CA Downtown – Brunch & Specialty Coffee

Maybe you’ve rolled out of bed one or two hours too late for breakfast, so don’t worry. You can pick up some brunch at the amazing CA Downtown – Brunch & Specialty Coffee. This brunch spot is nicely located down the street from Museu da Cidade do Porto, so it’s quite central.

I advise you to try to get down here for the first opening, though. It’s always busy; every time I walk past, there are lines outside. I’ve even waited for an hour to get a seat at one stage, but the smell of their coffee roasters roasting their coffee on-site made me decide it was worth it.

I’m sure you’re going to love the interiors here as much as I do; it’s a blend of boho chic and refined finishes, fresh colors, and dim/ bright lighting; everything an Insta-worthy cafe has.

The menu is decently sized with some of the best brunch options around, but the eggs benedict with sourdough has a hold on me every time. I enjoy the two big poached eggs they give and the creamy blend of smashed avocado and hollandaise sauce that comes with it.

The server allowed me to add mushrooms or streaky bacon; I always go for the mushrooms. My mouth still waters over the harmonious blend of flavors between the rich sauce, sulfurousness from the velvety poached eggs, and nutty toasted black sesame seed sprinkled all over; yummy.

CA Downtown – Brunch & Specialty Coffee (€€)Praça de Carlos Alberto 89, 4050-158 Porto, Portugal – Tuesday to Sunday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, and closed on Monday



Oh, Guarany, there’s nowhere else like this place in the city for me. It’s situated in Porto’s financial district and is very popular among locals. Many know it as the musician’s coffee shop due to the weekly entertainment events.

The floor layout is like an open hall; the walls are lined with stunning paintings, and there’s such a buzz around the place, with lots of people always filling up the seats and so much chatter throughout. If you’re looking for a quiet early morning coffee, you should look elsewhere.

Open since 1933, the breakfast menu at Guarany is available between 9:00 am and 1:00 pm, but they stay open all day and sometimes host fado music nights. To be fair, the menu is basic, but I come here more for the vibe than anything.

The last time I was in Guarany, I was in a bit of a rush, so I just ordered a glass of orange juice and a pastel de nata. 

The OJ was squeezed to absolute perfection; it was refreshing, sweet, citrussy, and full of bits. I can’t go one day without eating a pastel de nata in Portugal; it’s rude not to. The ones here are extra good, with a smooth velvet texture, strong custardy, and carmelized flavors.

Guarany (€€)Av. dos Aliados 85 89, 4000-066 Porto, Portugal – Monday to Saturday, 9:00 am to 11:30 pm, and closed on Sunday

Do Norte Café by Hungry Biker


Photo credit: Do Norte Café by Hungry Biker

Do Norte Café by Hungry Biker is a family-owned cafe on the trendy street of Rua do Almada that’s the talk of the town.

It has everything I think makes up a great cafe: outdoor seating on a patio with cozy couches, delicious coffee, mouthwatering flavors, and phenomenal smoothies that can contribute to your five a day.

I do tend to only come when I’m really hungry because portions can be too much to handle. One option I’m fond of is the quinoa bowl; it comes out in a little bowl with avocado, orange feta, sesame, salad, olive oil, and a piece of bread sitting on the side.

There’s so much flavor in one recipe with this option; the quinoa is slightly nutty with a strong earthy essence complemented by a sweet-tart and mildly sour kick from the orange feta. The olive oil also added a fruity, pungent edge to the dish.

Do Norte Café by Hungry Biker (€€)Rua do Almada 57/59 4000, 4050-036 Porto, Portugal – Every day, 8:30 am to 4:00 pm

Negra Cafe Baixa


Photo credit: Negra Cafe Baixa

If you’re around Porto’s vibrant Baixa (downtown), you need to check out Negra Cafe Baixa.

The living room concept of this place is so inventive, with lush wooden interiors, quirky furnishings, and an outdoor terrace where you could spend hours relaxing and chatting. Have a little one? Don’t worry; they have a play area for kids downstairs while you break your fast.

I found the service here to be really fast when I ordered a combination of the power acai smoothies alongside the shrimp, mango, pineapple, and romesco on toast. 

The smoothie came out in a cool tiki mug, was purple in color, and incredibly sweet with a spicy tinge and satiating flavor. It was enough to fill me alone, but I knew there was a lot more to come for my sweet tooth.

The toast was made with sourdough bread, a common trend among breakfast spots in Porto. The shrimp was cooked excellently with some light saline notes, and the pineapple and mango gave it a candied edge, while the romesco was on the tomatoey side with a zippy, peppery flavor.

Negra Cafe Baixa (€€)R. Guedes de Azevedo 117, 4000-272 Porto, Portugal – 9:00 am to 7:30 pm


This lineup of the best breakfast spots in Porto is sure to start your day off on a high note with hearty English breakfasts, fresh smoothie and acai bowls, tasty servings of granola, warm cups of arabica, and even some gluten-free vegan options if you’re that way inclined.

It’s important to note that breakfast in Porto starts a bit later than some of its other European counterparts, which gives you plenty of time to get ready for a sunrise feast!

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