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The most traditional Strudel (or Štrůdl, as we call it in Prague) recipe

The history of strudel dates back hundreds of years. First mentions of a strudel-like pastry appear in the late 15th century in Czech and Austrian archives. ...

Beers to Your Health

The history of bathing in beer goes back to the Middle Ages, though some sources date the tradition to the 7th century when beer was first discovered. The su...

Ice Cream Parlors in Prague Not to Be Missed!

It can get pretty hot in Prague in summer, but is there a better summer refreshment than a scoop of ice cream? There is: a scoop of REALLY good ice cream! Wh...

Where to Drink Burčák (Young “Wine”) in Prague

Mid-August is the start of burčák season in the Czech Republic. Burčák is the young “wine” that separates from the crop as it’s pressed, and purists say that...

Shake Those Hips: Where to Dance the Night Away in Prague

After eating all that delicious Czech food and drinking the best beer in the world, it’s time to burn off some calories! Walking around town exploring the be...

Eating Europe Tours

Multi-City Experience!
Weekend Brunch Across Europe Cooking Class

Weekend Brunch Across Europe Cooking Class

Learn how to prepare a European Brunch from London, Amsterdam AND Florence!

  • Sunday
  • 1.5-2 Hours
  • Small Group
Das Geschmack vom Leben im Kommunismus

Das Geschmack vom Leben im Kommunismus

Blicken Sie hinter den Eisernen Vorhang und erleben Sie das Leben in Prag im Kommunismus. Nehmen Sie an unserer unterhaltsamen und informativen Tour teil, die die Geschichte von Prag während der kommunistischen Ära durchs Essen, Geschichtenerzählen und historische Ortsbesichtigungen zeigt.

  • Mo. - Fr.
  • 3 stunde Hours
  • Private tour

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