Camden is definitely one of the coolest neighbourhoods in London, famed for its vibrant atmosphere, colourful nightlife and world-famous markets. Aside from its collection of vintage clothing and second hand book stalls, Camden Lock Market also houses The Global Kitchen – bursting with some of the most delicious street food in London. With everything from Jerk Chicken and Kangaroo Burgers to Gourmet Cheese Toasties and Sloppy Joe on offer, deciding what to sink your teeth into can be difficult! So here at Eating London, we’ve searched (and tasted) across Camden Lock Market to bring you our guide to The Global Kitchen’s most scrumptious street food…

Photo: Ashley Lourey
Photo: Ashley Lourey

Camden Market’s Best Food Stalls

Brazilian Churrasco & Wild Game BBQ

BBQ just doesn’t get better than this! Offering a true taste of Brazilian street food and cooked via an open flame, Brazilian Churrasco & Wild Game BBQ will be sure to get your taste buds tingling. Their menu is bursting with delicious dishes packed full of juicy meats and fresh ingredients for less than £10. Take your pick from a selection of beef, pork, deer or boar, but don’t forget to add lashings of their homemade chimmichurri sauce – it is out of this world! So, embrace your sense of adventure and grab a bite to eat at Brazilian Churrasco & Wild Game BBQ.

Feed Me Primal

Release your inner caveman with Feed Me Primal, the only food stall in the UK creating Paleo, Primal and Gluten free food. Created in February this year, this exciting alternative to Camden’s standard street food scene offers a selection of healthy home cooked food including venison or chocolate beef chilli, along with plenty of delicious cakes and loaves. What’s better yet?  It’s all crafted from fresh ingredients and is free from any hidden nasties, meaning you can indulge in some of London’s finest street food minus any added guilt.

Photo: La Citta Vita

Cowboy Cottage

Serving a selection of fantastic fusion food since 2012, Cowboy Cottage has quickly become one of Camden Lock’s most loved street food vendors. And it’s no surprise, considering their menu is packed with the scrumptious flavours of the Deep South combined with a traditional British twist. Dishes at Cowboy Cottage start from just £4 and include the Cowboy Cottage Pie, Nacho Salad and our favourite Cowboy Sloppy Joe. You’ll even have your food served to you by a real life cowgirl, YEEHAH!

Mr Piadina

Next time you’re in Camden, take a trip to Mr Piadina for a real taste of Italy found right in the heart of London. For just £6, you can tuck into one Mr Piadina’s famous thin Italian flatbreads. What’s so special about Mr Piadina? Each flatbread is made following a traditional recipe and is bursting with regional ingredients such mozzarella, Parma ham and homemade pesto. In fact, they’re so tasty you’ll be coming back again and again. Head to Mr Piadina and be a part of this Italian street food revolution! 

Mama’s Jerk Station

With a family recipe passed down through generations, Mama’s Jerk Station is the only place in Camden to enjoy traditional Caribbean Street food. Open since 2010, Mama’s menu is full of exciting traditional dishes and with so much choice you’ll be coming back for more! Take your pick from their flame grilled chicken wraps, homemade pork sausages and the legendary veggie bean cake, along with chicken wings, deep fried plantain and saltfish cake – all served with plenty of ‘Mama’s Secret Jerk Marinade’. And at less than £7 a dish, Mama’s traditional menu certainly won’t break the bank!

Next time you’re in London, make sure that you follow this handy blog guide and stop by some of Camden’s best street food stalls. And as always, remember to let us know your favourites!

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