To celebrate the one year anniversary of our sister company—the Eating London Food Tour, we decided to give the website a fresh, new look and provide our customers with a lot more information: about the East End Food Tour, the talented tour guides, London trends and travel tips and most importantly—our food heroes!


Since the launch of the Eating London Food Tour, we’ve generated over 150 five-star reviews on Tripadvisor, became the #1 rated food tour in London and are rated one of the TOP 20 things to do while visiting London. We want to keep our momentum going and the new website is just what we needed.

We have so much fun on the London tour and we think it is only fair to share the experience as much as possible, online. Special features include:

    1. Our new video: Gives you a quick taste of our #1 rated tour.
    2. The London travel guide and blog: Relevant content, tips and articles.
    3. Our food heroes: Possibly the most exciting part of the whole site – we now have pages dedicated to each of our vendors that make the tour so unique and special. Spend some time either getting to know them or reminiscing about your visit.
    4. Food!: Many more images of the amazing food that is eaten along the way.


If you haven’t been on the East End Food Tour, you don’t know what you’re missing. The East End of London is one of the most unique and culturally rich neighbourhoods in the city. With us, you’ll get to know this off-beat neighbourhood through its food. We’ll sample eight authentic and delicious food tastings at a range of locally-loved places. We wonder the streets to uncover ancient Roman burial grounds, explore London’s most dynamic street art and get a first-hand look at London’s cosmopolitan culture. We promise to redefine what you think of London. So when you’re next in London, take a break from being a tourist with us. Before you go, check out the site to learn more!

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See you in the East End of London!

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