It’s no longer a strange sight to see a diner hovering over their dish, iPhone in hand, trying to snap the perfect shot. With the rise of the food blog also came the rise of Instagramming one’s food to within an inch of its life.

We’ve put together a list of 20 of the best Instagram accounts for foodie lovers (not counting the best, which is ours) for you to peruse. Warning: Don’t view while hungry!

A daily picture of a salad seems so simple, yet makes saladpride‘s Instagram account so appealing

20 Instagram Foodies To Make You Hungry

1. @saladpride

David Bez shares one new photo of a salad every day. It’s mouthwatering and gorgeous! And, helpful! Each photo includes a recipe.

2. @nutritionstripped

McKel Hill posts recipes and tips to help you live a healthy life. A dietician and wellness coach, Hill’s feed is full of healthy-living inspiration.

3. @leesamantha

The most whimsical Instagram account on the block, Samantha Lee serves up fantastical story lines with her dishes.

4. @alifewortheating

Note solely dedicated to food, although food and coffee are heavy features, Adam Goldberg’s feed follows his travels, adventures, and meals.

5. @alice_gao

Alice Gao, a New York City-based photographer, shares her gorgeous photos of food and fun on her account. With a minimalist feel, Gao’s feed is both fresh and exciting without the clutter.

Mouth watering food pictures, along with enticing recipes from loveandlemons

6. @loveandlemons

With recipes to accompany many of her photos, Jeanine Donofrio offers up bright and inviting images of her food, her travels, and her dogs.

7. @ashrod

 Author of the popular food blog Not Without Salt, Ashley Rodriguez began her career at Spago and is now working on her first cookbook.

8. @spoonforkbacon

 A joint venture between Teri Lyn Fisher and Jenny Park, this is the account of the popular blog Spoon Fork Bacon.

Photos and recipes are shared on the Instagram account from the fantastic food52 blog.

9. @food52

Sharing photos from the recipes of the hugely popular blog, this account will definitely make your mouth water.

10. @jamieoliver

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver’s account is packed with his delicious-looking food shots and personal shots. It’s a great look behind the scenes.

11. @julieskitchen

Popular for its gorgeous food collages, Julie Lee offers up gorgeous photography and fresh ingredients.

12. @foodnetwork

The official account of the Food Network, this feed is bursting with great photos and recipes.

13. @brittanywoodphoto

While not a dedicated foodie account, Brittany’s gorgeous food styling has won her much-deserved attention and praise.

14. @sproutedkitchen

Blogger Sara Forte shares shots of life, love, and – the thing we’re all here for – food.

Fantastic pictures of healthy foods from livegreenheaklthy

15. @livegreenhealthy

A great source of healthy foods, this cheerful feed offers up great photos and great ideas for a healthy snack.

16. @librettogram

This playful account, from Pizzeria Libretto, explores the eatery’s pies up close and personal, and offers up a great visual treat when you view the feed on your phone.

17. @tifforelie

Food stylist Tiffany Mitchell shares snaps and sights from around Lexington, Kentucky.

18. @joythebaker

Blogger and cookbook author, Joy, shares her colorful take on love and food on this popular feed.

19. @sundaysuppers

Karen Mordechai, founder of Sunday Suppers in Brooklyn, shares gorgeous photos of the communal cooking experience.

20. @whattocooktonight

The father-daughter team behind What to Cook Tonight? share recipes and weekly cookbooks on their blog.

Happy Instagramming.

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