Foodporn” is one of those terms that defy clear definition. It goes beyond food photography or videography. Just like the Supreme Court, Justice Potter Stewart said when trying to define pornography itself, ”we know it when we see it”.

There are common elements, of course. #Foodporn is tempting. #Foodporn is indulgent. #Foodporn is often prohibited! It makes your mouth water at first sight. There is often a hint of guilt implied in wanting it. #Foodporn is for the foods you wish you were eating. It’s more likely to get excited looking at a chocolate drizzling dessert than to a stalk of celery (but not always!). The best way to explain #foodporn is to see it, so we’ve rounded up 10 of our favorite Instagrammers and food vloggers accounts that we spend most days salivating over.

This post was updated for accuracy in September 2020.

1. Cyra Alcock

Cyra is an Australian blogger living in Seville, Spain. She “has no shame in favoring meals over museums, tapas over trekking and drinking wine for lunch”. And that’s definitely our kind of traveler.

2. Puokemed

Visiting Naples can explain the whole foodporn thing. The bond between people and food it’s somehow erotic. This guy here (Egidio Cerrone) is an explanation of the concept.

3. Dutchified

Your personal guide through the streets of Amsterdam, with videos on street food, local food, food tours (you get the idea).

4. StarvingFoodSeeker

Sometimes we ask ourselves: ”would a trip across the Atlantic be worth for a meal?  Looking at this California-based foodie’s Instagram account, we get the answer: YES.

5. DonalSkehan

This young Dublin foodie talks you through recipes on YouTube (complete with adorable accent), and the gorgeous results decorate his Instagram account.

6. Ambiente_Restaurants

This restaurant group owns half of Prague’s most successful locations. From Lokal’s traditional Czech cuisine to brunch at Café Savoy, open-faced sandwiches at Eska, and Mexican food at Las Adelitas. And they certainly never get a shortage of #foodporn subject matter.

7. SarkaBabicka

Šárka Babická is a London-based food and travel photographer. She constantly reminds us to step up our breakfast game with bright colors and beautiful brunch ideas, including ingredients.

8. TheTravelBite

Rachel Lucas is the talented foodporn blogger of The Travel Bite. And we absolutely want to take a bite out of everything she puts in front of the camera during her worldwide travels.

9. Hungrybetches

From breakfasts to desserts with lots of colors, calories, and fats. In other words, not recommended if you’re on a diet!

10. EatLikeaGirl

From what we can tell on Instagram, “Eating Like a Girl” involves everything delicious from London to Dublin and beyond. To sum up, we’re on board.

And of course, we at Eating Europe Food Tours are always sharing our favorite #foodporn shots from around Europe! In any of our food tours, you’ll get plenty of food, to take great photos of, and most importantly, to eat!

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