2020 is a year we won’t forget very easily! Unfortunately.

Lockdown had been an intense experience. In Italy for example, when we walked out after two months of isolation, some of our beliefs and certainties were gone. Except for one: we could all cook better. People who had never even boiled an egg in their life started to enthusiastically run to the closest supermarket. At some point, flour and yeast were rarer than gold. Cooking is therapeutic, and 2020 was proof.

We wanted to thank those who helped make this happen. So, we rounded up our 10 favorite Instagram & food blogs (from all around the world) that made our afternoons shorter and our cooking skills better.

Alessandro Lo Stocco

An Italian, Alessandro says that ”The future is crispy”. I don’t really know how to interpret it. But if you want to learn or to master your dough making skills, this is the best food blog you can ever find.


Sarah J. Gim

From Southern California, everything she does look somehow cool and delicious. Especially considering that she mostly combines leftovers any of us can find in our fridge. Creativity and freshness are her imperatives.


Rajeswari Vijayanand

Indian food, oh Indian food! Singapore based, she shares many amazing vegetarian Indian recipes. Not the best food blog to follow if you were planning to visit India and you couldn’t due to covid (only because you’ll want to get there as soon as possible!).


Elise Dumas

No doubt her food is amazing. But the pictures of this French food blogger are more than enough! Caravaggio would be proud of her!


Toni Brancatisano

This multitalented Australian woman (southern Italian on her father’s side) seems to be able to make perfect every recipe she tries. She ranges from Italian to Anglo-Saxon food with the greatest nonchalance. In other words, legit!


Brandon Matzek

Brandon grew up in a big Italian-Eastern European family in New Jersey. So, he’s comfortable creating delicious traditional family recipes. But he also loves to challenge himself in the kitchen. And hopes to help other home cooks in their quest to do the same.


Clerkenwell Boy

Just a great Instagram food blog. First, the recipes shared are incredibly succulent. Second, they range from healthy to very dangerous. In addition, the author is anonymous. And that’s always fascinating.



First-generation Mexican American who loves to cook. She grew up eating authentic home-cooked Mexican meals every single day. Most importantly, she really learned! And now she shares them with us. Seeing (and tasting) is believing!


Erin Wysocarski

For all the vegans looking for a great follow. Erin is a Vegan chef or ”recipe developer ” as she humbly calls her self and writer. She runs this Instagram food blog that can make even the most meat devotee mouth water.


Stefano Cavada

Last but not least, Stefano loves food, photography, and speck (smoked prosciutto). If he didn’t commit to cooking, he could have been a supermodel or an actor. We’re certainly glad of his choice.


We hope you found this list of food blogs fun and inspiring. Most importantly, to be soon over the difficult times we’re living in. However, food and cooking will always be there to comfort us, as it had for many of us at Eating Europe as well!


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