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Dess’Art Pasticceria (Cake shop), Rome, Italy

“When I put dough in the oven and see it transform, it gives me so much joy. For us Sicilians, cooking runs through our veins. At home, everyone cooked – my grandmothers, my mum and my aunts.”

Aside from being known as THE place to get Cannoli in Rome, this cute forno / pasticceria (bakery cake shop) also offers an ever-evolving selection of desserts, pastries, and savory snacks. Costanza uses influences from her hometown of Palermo to create both innovative new recipes and classic Sicilian delicacies.

To find Dess’Art Pasticceria:

  • Website:
  • Phone Number: 393 240 7323
  • Address: Testaccio Market, Via Beniamino Franklin



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