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Naples Food & Drink

Italian Food: Not just pizza and pasta!

Pasta? Pizza? No! What comes to mind when you think of Italian or Roman food? Pasta and pizza, right? And it’s true, in Italy there is a lot of pasta a...

What to Eat in Italy on Easter Sunday

Winter is finally over and spring has come in all its glory! We have Pope Francesco to wish us a Happy Easter, the pilgrims are en route to Rome for Easter, ...

As If Italian Food Wasn't Poetic Enough

I just listened on NPR to several beautiful poems in the new book Everything On It written by the late and so very, very great poet, Shel Siverstein. If you ...

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Book a Private Tour

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Eating Amsterdam: Albert Cuyp Market & The Pijp Food Tour
Multi-City Experience!
Weekend Brunch Across Europe Cooking Class

Weekend Brunch Across Europe Cooking Class

Learn how to prepare a European Brunch from London, Amsterdam AND Florence!

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  • 1.5-2 Hours
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