The essence of Portugal resonates through every layer of its cuisine—fresh, vibrant, and abundantly flavorful. Portugal is a country where culinary artistry takes center stage, and the alchemy of simple ingredients transforms into sought-after masterpieces that rival others across the continent.

For those looking for a truly delicious, expansive culinary adventure, look no further than Portugal.

While small compared to other European countries, Portugal has several restaurants to discover and dishes waiting for you to indulge in. Whether you like seafood, meat or eat strictly vegetarian, there’s something for everyone to indulge in.

Restaurante Alfaia, Lisbon


In the enchanting capital city of Lisbon, a diverse, delectable cuisine awaits you. The town is nestled on the Atlantic coast and is known for its abundant seafood and unique food experiences.From pastéis de nata, an irresistible custard tart with a flaky, golden-brown crust, to bacalhau, a salted cod dish, there is something for every person to enjoy.


My first stop was in the heart of Lisbon in Bairro Alto at Restaurante Alfaia, one of the oldest restaurants in the nation. Open since 1880, the walk up to the restaurant takes you back in time as you walk along the stone streets and take in the old architecture.


You can choose to sit indoors or outdoors. I decided to sit outdoors to enjoy the beautiful weather.

The cozido à Portuguesa, my meal for the evening, is a classic Portuguese stew made fresh by their chefs with pork, beef, blood sausage, and vegetables. Sitting among the locals in the heart of Lisbon, Restaurante Alfaia was truly an experience, not just any ordinary meal with a glass of local wine.

If you’re in the mood for something other than stew, I highly recommend trying the Grilled Cod Fish Lagareiro style or the Tornedó Loin with Mushrooms. No matter your choice, you’ll walk out feeling like you just enjoyed a home-cooked meal!

Address: Travessa da Queimada 22, Lisbon 1200-365 Portugal

Hours: 12:00 – 2:00 Everyday

Price: €€

A Cevicheria, Lisbon


For those who seek a more upscale ambiance and a taste of Portugal’s famous ceviche, let me introduce to you A Cevicheria. Located only a ten-minute walk from the first meal of my adventure, A Cevicheria boasts a much different experience: an upscale but cozy ambiance closer further into the heart of the city.

The restaurant is owned by Francisco Martins, known as Chef Kiko. He’s one of the most renowned Portuguese chefs and a daring innovator in the kitchen! When I heard more about this restaurant, I knew that I had to visit it on my trip. Their menu is mainly ceviche, and there’s a bountiful selection.

You can choose any of their ceviche, made with a range of various local seafood and fish. However, I highly recommend Degustação d’A Cevicheria, which offers a ceviche tasting of their most popular dishes.

With five different ceviche and a dessert, you can enjoy the finest Portuguese ceviche, including fresh octopus, codfish, tuna, and even foie gras.

Each serving of ceviche I enjoyed at A Cevicheria was incredibly fresh and had the right amount of zest. It was the perfect meal to have after a day exploring the city and taking in the history of this wonderful city landscape.

A Cevicheria is truly a stunning display of the culinary genius available in Lisbon.

Address: R. Dom Pedro V 129, 1250-096 Lisboa, Portugal

Hours 12:00 – 23:00

Price: €€-€€€

Casa de Chá da Boa Nova, Porto

After a 3-hour bus trip from Lisbon to Porto, I was ready to immerse myself in centuries-old charm and a treasure trove of flavors. Porto is well-known in Portugal for its flavors and wine, incredibly savory dishes like Francesinha, a hearty sandwich with layers of ham, sausage, and steak amidst a rich tomato and beer sauce.

Another iconic dish I wanted to try was the Bacalhau à Gomes de , a savory salt cod dish, and a local favorite.

The seafood is one item on the menu that takes center stage in Porto. Casa de Chá da Boa Nova is the perfect spot to try fresh food and enjoy a two-star Michelin restaurant with captivating views.

Nestled along the coast, you’ll feel the serenity when you see the waves lapping up against the rocks as you await the arrival of your meal of choice.
The acclaimed chef, Rui Paula, creates stunning culinary masterpieces here with local seafood and even has a vegetarian menu for those eating plant-based.

Here, I tried the Robalo no seu habitat, a delicious sea bass entrée that left me absolutely in love. For moderate, but affordable prices, the dish was a mild but delicate and fresh flavor that satiated me.

Other dishes that the servers recommended were the salmon and their selection of tofu and seitan vegetarian dishes.

Address: Av. Liberdade 1681, 4450-718 Leça da Palmeira, Portugal

Hours: 12:30-15:00 and 19:30 – 23:00. Closed on Mondays and Sundays

Price: €€€

Faaron Steakhouse, Faro


After touring Porto and experiencing its immersive beauty, Faro was my next destination. Traveling by bus was convenient and quick, and I found myself in Faro after about 7 hours of travel through the scenic countryside of Portugal.

Located in the Southern portion of Portugal, Faro is a sun-drenched city where the land meets the sea.

Faro is known for its delicious seafood and fresh fish and its array of influences. The city is a cultural haven, with Ancient Roman, Moorish, and local Portuguese elements inspiring the region. 

Locals dine generously on selections like peri-peri chicken: a sought-after spicy, fiery flavor satisfying after walks along the city streets.

My restaurant of choice was Faaron Steakhouse, a place known as a meat eaters heaven and a popular favorite among the locals in the area.

The place is a modern but cozy restaurant in the heart of Faro. Located just minutes from the water and the ferries, you have a choice of burgers, steaks, and various meat and fish entrées.

I ate a rack of lamb with herbs and it was truly a delicious, rich, tender meal filling and seasoned beautifully. I paired this with a glass of merlot, which I was craving after my recent travels tasting wine in the Douro Valley.
Besides the rack of lambs, the servers highly recommended the steaks and the burgers, as they said they were the best they had ever had!

Address: R. Ivens 7, 8000-364 Faro, Portugal

Hours: 10:00-23:00 M-Sa, Sunday 18:00-23:00

Price: €€

Explore Portugal and Experience the Best of Its Cuisine

I hope you enjoyed this exploration of Portugal and its best restaurants. From the cultural capital, Porto, to the stunning capital of Lisbon, there are plenty of options for you to choose from and plenty of amazing dishes waiting to be enjoyed.

I encourage you to indulge, enjoy, and explore the culinary wonders that await you in the beautiful country of Portugal.

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