Easter in Europe is an important holiday across many cities and countries – for families and children alike. Children throughout Europe are often told that thousands of huge bells full of chocolate eggs leave Rome and lay their chocolates all over Europe. According to legend, if you make a funny face while the bells are in the sky just above your head you might keep a funny face forever!

Easter in Europe is also a time of year when sunny days are back, flowers in bloom, and days longer and warmer. We know Easter might be different in 2021, but we still enjoy reading and learning about the different Easter traditions in Europe.

And no tradition is less important than the other, but here are four of our favorite Easter in Europe traditions to celebrate Easter day.

Prague Easter Traditions

One of the romantic city par excellence in Europe but it is also a perfect place to celebrate Easter in this city. As Prague welcomes this year’s spring, you will be amazed by the Easter celebrations just around the corner.

Around the time of Easter in Prague is resplendent with colorful, dazzling Easter markets, as it draws draw closer and closer to the big day. Beneath the orange-tinged roofs, people busy themselves baking delicious goodies in the form of the symbolic Easter lamb. The tantalizing aroma signals that you have reached the right place for Easter merrymaking. The people from Prague love Easter and have one of the most important Easter markets: the Prague Easter Market on the Old Town Square. Since Easter as we all know it all over the world is celebrated over a long weekend, Prague makes the perfect destination to experience all the traditions and much, much more in one city.

Amsterdam Easter Traditions

April in Amsterdam is a festive month with Easter and the start of Spring. Easter perfectly coincides with the best time to see Dutch flowers in their full glory! The fields in the countryside, known as the Flower Strip, bloom with crocuses, daffodils, hyacinths, and tulips from the end of March through to the beginning of May. Also, foodie lovers, Keep your eyes open for traditional Easter treats like paasstol (bread with dried fruit and almond paste), colored eggs, dutch sweets & candies, and spring lamb, where the families enjoy these dishes and celebrate Easter together.

Celebrating Easter in Amsterdam is a great place to spend your holidays, whether you’re looking for a relaxing, cultural, tasty, or crazy weekend—even if it’s just a short city break.

Rome Easter Traditions

Since Rome, or more precisely the Vatican, is home to the Catholic Church, every year the city celebrates Easter and the preceding week in a grand style. Most of the Pope-centric traditions unfold in St. Peter’s Square. Feasts and picnics with family and friends follow on Easter Day and Pasquetta. Even if you’re a visitor to Rome, it’s easy to get in on the Easter festivities the Roman way!

But Easter isn’t only about church services. If the weather is good—as it usually is in Rome in spring—many Italians leave the city for a delicious lunch outdoors. As the Italian saying goes: Natale con i tuoi, pasqua con chi vuoi, which means Christmas with your family, Easter with whomever you want. And if you want to stay and celebrating Easter holiday in Rome, then Pasquetta is the best day for a picnic. All around Rome’s countryside the barbecues are lit.

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London Easter Traditions

With London gearing up for the delightfully sunny spring season, Easter long weekend is the perfect time to be in the city. From socially distanced London Easter weekend egg hunts and virtual family activities, to a traditional Easter Sunday lunch at home, the city is a hive of activity during Easter.

From spoiling yourself silly with delectable Easter chocolates to gourmet Sunday brunches to attending cool Easter parties to so much more, there are way too many things to fit along the weekend. London is adorned not just with the spring bloom but with fairs, famous chocolatiers with a deluge of sweet tooth desires, Easter egg hunts, family events, concerts, and amazing nightlife. A refreshing springtime tour of the famous attractions and glorious gardens of London adds to the cheer and joy of visiting and enjoying Easter in London.



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