We all know that Europe is full of great food. Even those countries that don’t have a reputation for fantastic dining still manage to come up with a few, or more than a few, special dishes that take you right back there every time you think of them. At Eating Europe, we wanted to make a list of some of the best culinary experiences we have had while traveling in Europe, but problems became apparent when we realized that we could never narrow the list down to an acceptable length. So we decided to ask some friends of ours about some European food experiences that stand out in their memories. Here are 16 of the best!


“Vienna is a meat lover’s paradise. On pretty much every corner you will find a Würstelstand – a traditional sausage stand. They sell anything from hot dogs to Austrian street food favorites like Leberkäse (a type of meatloaf) or Käsekrainer (sausage filled with pockets of cheese). So delicious!”

Sabina Trojanova – Girlvsglobe.com


“My best European food experience was in Ghent, Belgium, and was called Comme Chez Moi, or “At Home with the Belgians”. Belgian families were inviting visitors into their homes and cooking them a meal. It wasn’t just a chance to try authentic local food, but it was also a great opportunity to learn about Belgian culture and get some local tips on things to do in Ghent.”

Monica Stott – thetravelhack.com

Czech Republic

“When we moved to the Czech Republic, we quickly discovered Trdelník: sweet dough rolled around a stick, roasted over fiery coals, and dusted in sugar and nuts. Walking around a Christmas market in Prague with a mug of hot wine and a Trdelník is a perfect way to stay warm, and a great European food experience!”

Katie Matthews wandertooth.com

Trdelnik - Prague
“Walking around a Christmas market in Prague with a mug of hot wine and a Trdelník is a perfect way to stay warm”


“Hands down, no contest, the most exquisite treats we tasted were these figs stuffed with foie gras. Sheer bliss. We bought them from their creator, Norbert, at the Marché des Quais, a wonderful artisan food market on the waterfront in Bordeaux, France. We loved Bordeaux, not just for its wine (that goes without saying) but also because it is such a beautiful city, especially when seen through the eyes of a pair of incredibly hospitable locals who are fine cooks and hosts.”

Christine Salins – foodwinetravel.com.au


“If you’re looking for a proper steak in Berlin, head to The Bird: great burgers, steaks, fries and sauces. If you’re feeling extra brave, opt for the Napalm chicken wings… But be warned: the clue’s in the name!”

Paul Dow – travmonkey.com


“In Greece, it’s about fresh and simple ingredients that make the most delicious of dishes. I never even realized how good salad could taste until I tried 10 different varieties with figs and fruit sauces and sesame. Then there’s just so much feta cheese, yogurt and honey (including all the regional variations), grilled meats, and traditional favorites such as moussaka and souvlaki. And always leave some space for the sweet treats such as the loukoumades (Greek doughnuts) and baklava. I’ve never been that much of a foodie but Greece sure did change that.”

Becki Enright – bordersofadventure.com


“So this is my all-time best pasta I had (if not, best food!). That was at Santarcangelo, a small village near Rimini in Italy. I’ll never forget it and I dream of going back to the same place! The name totally escapes me but it had cheese and mushrooms inside; freshly cooked and homemade pasta. It was topped up with spinach, more cheese and a creamy sauce. Describing this is killing me right now!”

Omar Oualili – inacitynearyou.net

Pasta - Omar Oualili - best food experience europe
Pasta with cheese, mushrooms, spinach and a creamy sauce – Omar’s most memorable eating experience!

“Last summer I was traveling around the Gargano area of the province of Foggia in Puglia, Italy. One night we went to a local restaurant for dinner and a chef awaited us making some kind of dish right next to our table. We approached and soon realized that he was making fresh mozzarella. I probably ate more of it than humanly possible and I couldn’t stop. I might’ve shed a tear. It was one of the BEST, the freshest and most delicious things that I have ever eaten in my life.”

Cailin O’Neil – travelyourself.ca

“I walk in and am kissed on both cheeks. Before I get to the table, an oozing, delicious ball of mozzarella, a bitter salad of punteralle and anchovies, and the just out-of-the-oven focaccia are ready and waiting for me. I have come home to Bebels, Via San Marco 38 – my favorite restaurant in Milano.”

Susan Schwartz – bestbitsworldwide.com


“Sitting on the outdoor patio of restaurant Salve, dining on the scrumptious rustic sauerkraut soup and sipping on currant-flavored Black Balsam liqueur was the highlight of my trip to Riga, Latvia.”

Cherie King – flightofthetravelbee.com


“Our best European food experience was at Rollende Keukens (Rolling Kitchens) festival in Amsterdam. Hundreds of food trucks serve everything from vegetarian gyros to goat satay and flammkuchen so there is something for everyone.”

Anouk Boer – theblankmap.com

“One of my absolute favorite food experiences in Europe was having a high wine experience at The Dylan in Amsterdam. I had never heard of such a thing before, but it turned out to have a similar concept to the afternoon tea, only this is with 3 courses of amazing food all perfectly matched with a different wine for each course. It’s left a lasting impression on my taste buds!”

Biance Malata – itsallbee.com

“The first thing I did when I arrived in Amsterdam was tuck into pancakes at De Vier Pilaren, where you can pick and choose your preferred toppings, such as fresh fruit, nutella and ice cream. Half a pancake later my stomach had to admit defeat, but no dessert has ever measured up since.”

Emily Ray – thecosytraveller.co.uk

Pancakes - Emily Ray - best food experience europe
Dutch pancakes were Emily’s best foodie find…


“I love eating in Portugal because it’s such a visceral experience. Lots of laughter and interaction with food; the grandpa at the next table urging you to try some of his appetizers, while his wife shakes her head laughing; the excitement of anyone I’ve met in the country that you are enjoying the foods they love. To care about food in Portugal is to get an even more in-depth experience there, and I would argue one of the best ways to learn about the country.”

Jodi Ettenberg – legalnomads.com

Tel Aviv

“Tenat, a vegan Ethiopian restaurant in Tel Aviv, is simply amazing. It’s a tiny little spot and the chef is also the waiter. When I went there, we had no idea what to order, so he just created some items for us. Everything we had was flavorful and gorgeous. Definitely a must-visit, even if you’re not vegan. Authentic Ethiopian food.”

Diana Edleman – dtravelsround.com

United Kingdom

“The Whitstable Oyster Festival. A heaven for the best of British seafood. Silky oysters, stunning wines, and you might even find yourself a pearl! What’s more, there’s so much more than oysters. With street food, music, local comedy, and arts and crafts, it’s an all-encompassing festival experience.”

Ocean Belcher – anoceanaway.net

What do you think of the contributions? Have you been to any of the places or had similar experiences to those mentioned? Or do you have an entirely new experience of your own? If so, we’d love to hear from you; make sure to leave us a comment! And if you want to have a truly memorable foodie experience, make sure you take one of our food tours in Amsterdam, Prague, London or Rome

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