You can describe Prague with a long list of adjectives. Prague is pretty. Prague is peaceful. Prague is immensely photogenic. But sometimes a photograph speaks louder than words, and these Instagram photographers speak the local language beautifully.

10 Top Prague Instagrammers

1. Around Prague


From sunrise to sunset, see the sights in a different light.

Around Prague Instagram

2. Miguel Alonso


Prague-based Spanish photographer with a sharp eye for the details that make this city so special.

miguel_cz Instagram

3. Human of Prague


Not to be confused with “Humans of Prague”, this local photographer provides unique perspectives on public transportation.

Human_of_prague Instagram

4. The Czech National Ballet


Go behind the scenes with one of Prague’s finest arts organizations.

Czech National Ballet Instagram

5. Praguestagram


A well-rounded collection that captures the magic and majesty of Prague.


6. Jan Pluhovsky


Prefers a long-lens look at Prague’s public spaces.

pluhovsky Prague Instagram

7. Petr Danda


Food photographer with a side of Prague’s monuments.


8. Jan Pražák


Loves simplicity, minimalism and the Czech countryside.

prazakj Prague Instagram

9. Eliska


One half of the “Couple of Prague” photography team, posting dreamy scenes, cat pics, and delicious delicacies.

eluch Prague Instagram

10. Eating Prague


And of course, we’ve got our own stream filled with all the food, fun and memories from our Prague food tours.

eatingprague Instagram

We couldn’t quite stop at 10, so here are 2 more of our favorite Instagrammers…

11. Jason Nam


Korean designer, skilled at finding quiet moments in the Czech capital.

djasonnam Prague Instagram

12. Cuketka


Drool-worthy food photography from a Prague food blogger.

cuketka Prague Instagram

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