Most of London’s restaurants are closed due to COVID – for now. But the good news is that many of our favorite spots in London are finding innovative ways to feed the city and support their staff through the best takeaway and delivery. Browse some of our favorite restaurants for takeaway in London below to find your fill of London’s best eats while supporting the local restaurant industry in a time of need. 

Note: please contact each restaurant to confirm opening times and hours – COVID restrictions change frequently!

1. The Breakfast Club 

Best for –  Breakfast in bed 

What to order: Pancakes 

‘Wakey! Wakey! Rise & shine!’ No matter how bad the hangover or difficulty getting out of bed in the morning, the peppy, perky Breakfast Club experience will surely rouse you from your slumber. Now a modest chain of all-day breakfast café/bars, handily located wherever bleary-eyed groovers work & play, these 1980s-inspired venues serve a roster of English & American breakfast & brunch favorites by Delivery or takeaway in London.

Similarly, If the goofy pun-tasting menu gets tiring, concentrate on the classics: the vast Full Monty (full English breakfast), eggs Benedict & stacks of pancakes, plus a handful of healthy options. If you’re just not a morning person, try BC for a casual lunch or dinner when the vibe is back to normality, or get the takeout and enjoy the breakfast from home.

2. Humble Crumble 

Best for –  Desserts 

What to order:  Rhubarb with toasted marshmallow and hot custard, the dark sweet cherry, and Sicilian blood orange crumble infused with bourbon.

Treat yourself to an indulgent dessert from Humble Crumble and inject some sweetness into your day. In addition, the pop-up eatery offers top picks including the dark sweet cherry and Sicilian blood orange crumble infused with bourbon, the traditional rhubarb and raspberry, and the handmade vanilla custard paired with premier bourbon seeds.

And for vegans, there’s the luxurious plant-based blackberry, currant, and raspberry crumble topped with a gluten-free biscuit.

Take your best takeaway from the Humble Crumble menu or City Pantry will deliver your order!

3. Vallebona

Best for –  Italian ingredients
What to order: the mangiatina box

I love this family-run supplier because it has launched a selection of grazing boxes packed with pantry ingredients and snacks. Featuring the same products delivered to much-loved London restaurants, for example, the River Cafe, Bocca di Lupo and Alain Ducasse at the Dorchester, each Grazing Box comes with everything you need to cook a meal for six and ranging from a lunchtime pranzetto package of Italian ingredients.

Including sun-dried tomatoes from Calabria, salami from Sardinia, trofie pasta from Puglia, pesto Genovese from Liguria, and Parmesan from Emilia Romagna to a supper mangiatina box of sourdough pizzas, gorgonzola from Piedmont, Tuscan cured meats, and various Italian cheese. Ingredients are sliced and vacuum-sealed to ensure freshness. From £50 to £150 per box. Now, grab your keys and get the best takeaway in London from their menu.

4. St.john Beakfast and Club

Best for – A feast menu of two for Lunch and dinner  

What to order: Braised Rabbit, Mustard, and Bacon (February special)

Around the corner from London’s last remaining meat market, St John is the standard-bearer for nose-to-tail cuisine. With whitewashed brick walls, high ceilings, and simple wooden furniture, it’s surely one of the most humble Michelin-starred restaurants anywhere. The menu changes daily but is likely to include the signature roast bone marrow and parsley salad.

Every month they bring you a simple and elegant menu, complemented by a selection of three handpicked wines from our all-French wine list. Prepared entirely by their chefs in their own kitchens, these classic dishes are made with all the heartfelt generosity you would expect from restaurants. Therefore, get the best takeout & start ordering the food!


5. Poppies Fish and Chips

Best for: Fried seafood

What to order: Fish fry and chips 

Costing from as little as £5.95, Enjoy mouth-watering, fresh, sustainably caught fish, cooked in a crunchy batter and served with golden chips and classic mushy peas. Pop has been serving fish and chips in the East End for 60 years and brings his passion for this much-loved dish to you. In addition to fish and chips, you can choose from other traditional British favorites, such as pie, fish cakes, saveloy, battered sausage, and that East End love-it-or-hate-it special – jellied eels.

However, For those with a sweet tooth, you can see from the menu some traditional English puddings such as apple pie, Cartmell’s award-winning sticky toffee pudding from Cumbria, and so on.

And I love their take away as the food comes wrapped in newsprint boxes or cones, just as it was in the old days.

6. Aladin: Best Curry House in London

Best for –  Indian Curry 

What to order: Butter chicken and Lambchop Lahori 

Surrounded by the rich tradition and history of Bangla Town, Aladin in London has been a favorite Indian restaurant for over 25 years. Prepared by 7 experienced chefs, the extensive Aladin menu features dishes from across the sub-continent (Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan). And yummy, Light bites like onion bhaji sit alongside classic curry dishes, ranging from balti to jalfrezi. Spectacles can be found in the karahi options, which come to your door in a sizzling dish. A huge selection of vegetarian dishes also contains popular favorites.

I love Butter chicken and it makes me feel like trying their food again and again. What are you waiting for? Grab your phone and start ordering or get the best takeaway in London. Now the taste of Indian cuisine is at your home.


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7. 10 Greek Street

Best for –  seasonal dishes

What to order: the sausage, buffalo mozzarella and, sprouting broccoli pizza

This Soho institution is known – normally – for its daily-changing seasonal menus and unpretentious interiors. Now, the kitchen is delivering more of the same authentic dishes and locally sourced ingredients within 2.5 miles of the restaurant. Order doughy pizzas topped with autumnal staples such as wild mushroom and rosemary or butternut squash and kale, and be sure to add a couple of its Braybrooke beers to your order, too.

For instance, If you’re out of the delivery radius, 10 Greek Street has teamed up with Dispatch, a nationwide meal-kit service either takeaway in London. In addition, The menu includes slow-cooked lamb shank, braised cavolo nero, and confit artichoke, all prepped by the experts for you to whip up at home.

8. Napoli Gang

Best for – Pizza 

What to order:   Salame al Tartufo

Holding themselves to the highest standards, the team began Napoli Gang hail produce as king, sourcing amazing ingredients directly from Italy. They have always queued out the doors thanks to over-the-top menus and beautiful interiors.

Skip the queues and order pizza to your sofa or either takeaway in one of the best cheap eats in  London from the list of quirkily named pies from Napoli Gang including – a classic in disguise that combines mushrooms with ham, cheese, herbs, and olives. I also love the combination of burrata and arancini on the sides menu there’s a full feast available. But also, make sure to leave room for dessert – the XXL lemon meringue pie is legendary and makes for some serious Instagram fodder.

9. Beigel bake 

Best for –  Beigel and rolls 

What to order: Salt beef Biegel 

Beigel Bake is a 24-hour bakery and shop founded in 1974, on Brick Lane in Spitalfields, London, England. However, the menu is focused on beigels, baked in the traditional Jewish style with fillings such as hot salt beef with mustard, chopped herring, and cream cheese and salmon. In addition, they serve pastries and sweets such as Danish rolls, apple strudel, Eccles cakes, and cheesecake, as well as white, rye, and black bread. 

Therefore, the classics are available for delivery, from the above-mentioned salt beef, slathered in mustard and topped with gherkins, to cream cheese, Nutella, and chopped herring. I also love to order a soft drink to wash it down with and a slice of cheesecake for after. 

Secure your bag, get your favorite beigels either by a takeaway in London or delivered to your door!


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10. Gymkhana

Best for: adding a spicy kick to your evening

What to order: The Feast menu for two

Gymkhana is inspired by the elite clubs of India, and its immaculate reputation and contemporary Indian food earned it a Michelin star in 2014. To spice up your lockdown mealtimes, the restaurant has finally launched a delivery service and also has the facility of takeout. Therefore,  you can enjoy the critically acclaimed dishes from the comfort of your home for the first time.

Order the tandoori masala lamb chops, butter chicken masala, or wild muntjac biryani. But, if you can’t decide, why not opt for the feast menu for two, which includes gol guppas, aloo papri chaat, and goat methi keema.

What are you waiting for? Pick up your phone and start ordering! Either you takeaway in London or the food will deliver to your door. Taste these mouth-watering dishes of different cuisines and support the local industry restaurant in a time of need. 

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