Prague and Pinterest were made for each other. The capital city shines in both the sun and the snow, and traditional Czech dishes prove to be pin-worthy for amateur (and professional) food photographers – ideally with a link to a recipe or restaurant! These are a few of our favorite Prague pinners and boards to follow.

1. Czech Food/Drink Staples

In the words of Prague’s Emblem Hotel, this board is filled with “a few delicious things you might see at your typical Czech restaurant / street vendor / or babička’s kitchen.” Please excuse us while we drool.

Czech Food_Drink Staples - Prague Pinterest

2. Weird Prague

Christoph, the blogger behind, collects photos of people pushing trams, graffiti shopping lists and many other wonderfully weird sights around the Czech capital.

Weird Prague - Prague Pinterest

3. Czech Republic

When in doubt, ask an expert. The Czech tourism board provides hiking locations, spa suggestions, castles and chateaus. We’re partial to their “Czech yummies” board.

CZ Tourism (Czech Yummies) - Prague Pinterest

4. With Heart in Prague

This small family souvenir company categorized over 1,600 pins into charming titles from “Famous Czech Personalities” and “Magnificent Interiors” to “Prague Fountains” or “Doors in Prague.”

With Heart In Prague - Prague Pinterest

5. Czech Republic in Pictures

Aria hotel offers 80+ pins of places to explore around the Czech Republic after you’ve seen all that Prague has to offer. Seriously, could this country be any more beautiful?

CR in Pictures - Prague Pinterest

6. Prague Apartments

You’ll find “Czech Food & Drink” to make your stomach growl, intimate snapshots of “Moments in Prague,” and a mysterious peak at “Foggy/Rainy Prague” from this apartment rental company.

Prague Apartments - Prague Pinterest

7. Prague: 100 Best Photos

The name says it all. This collection focuses on Prague’s highly photogenic monuments and architecture.

100 Best Photos - Prague Pinterest

8. Eating Prague

Yes, that’s us! Our pins capture everything we love best – Prague, food, traditions, travel and of course, the fantastic people who join our food tours.

Eating Prague Tours - Prague Pinterest

9. Prague Cameraman

Michal Krejci, a Czech cinematographer, plays with color, lighting and the natural beauty of this country. Check out his boards devoted specifically to his work on Czech films in addition to “Prague” and “Czech Castles.”

Prague Cameraman - Prague Pinterest

10. Foodie

One of our favorite Prague Instagrammers, Jan Prazak, shows off his equally talented eye for food photography, along with architecture, fashion and design boards.

Foodie - Prague Pinterest

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