If planning your trip to Rome has got you thinking, “There’s just so much to see! How will I see everything?” Then the answer might be: Take a walking tour! Walking is hands-down the best way to see the Eternal City because its charm evaporates up from the cobbled streets. Walking around Rome is a more intimate experience, putting you on the ground with the locals.

If you’ve already started sifting through the lists of tour companies offering walking tours, then you’re probably feeling overwhelmed again. There are so many tours and so many varieties of tours! That’s why we’ve put together this list (in no particular order!) of some of our favourite walking tours in Rome.



Top 10 Rome Walking Tours

The Best of Rome

1. New Rome Free Tour

Did you say free? That’s right: Free! Every day starting from the Spanish Steps the licensed guides of the New Rome Free Tour will lead you for two hours around the best of the historic centre. You might think that because it’s free this tour skimps on quality, but there have been many happy and more knowledgeable customers. Of course, free means that tips are more than welcomed.

2. Through Eternity

Small walking tours makes Through Eternity one of your best bets for discovering the best of the Eternal City. There’s an all-day Essence of Rome tour that covers all the favourite spots, and some of the lesser known ones too. This company also offers some specialised itineraries that will give you a deeper knowledge of Rome, such as the In the Steps of Caravaggio tour.

Go underground

3. Context Travel

Rome is a city of layers, and the best way to really experience them is go underground. All of Context Travel’s walking tours are led by super-smart guides, so you’ll no doubt return to the surface knowing what in Rome you’re walking on. (Context Travel has plenty of other walking tours, too.)

We'll show you where to eat suppli while in Rome!
We’ll show you where to eat suppli while in Rome!

Eating in Rome

4. Eating Italy Food Tours

It’s impossible not to recommend our own walking tours to you, because our food tours through the Trastevere and Testaccio neighbourhoods are some of the best walking tours in Rome. We’ll give you your history, take you to meet the locals and, of course, feed you with all the best and freshest food Rome has to offer.

Drinking in Rome

5. Enjoy Rome

The Caravaggio and Wine Tasting walking tour given by Enjoy Rome combines the very best of Italy: food, wine and art. This three-hour walking tour shows you some of Caravaggio’s paintings and ends with a wine glass and snacks.

Ancient Rome

6. Miles & Miles

Rick Steve’s recommended, Miles & Miles offers many small-group private walking tours. Their three-hour tour of Ancient Rome can show you just what all those pieces of broken stones are all about. (They also offer many other walking tours, so check out their list.)

Personalised Tours

7. Eddie’s Fun!

This tour company promises specialised tours based on what you want to get out of your time in Rome. Conceptualised around the buddy system, tour guides get paired with clients who best match their areas of interest.

8. A Friend in Rome

This tour company wants you to feel like you have a friend in Rome. Check out their kid friendly walks, and their Friendly Walk is a good way to get orientated when you first land in the city.

A little bit of everything

9. Katie Parla

Katie Parla is a Rome know-it-all (best known for her popular food blog: Parla Food) who offers private walking tours. She covers food, wine, and history, so check out some of her different tours, such as Italian Craft Beers.

10. Epic Rome Tours

Epic Rome has four tours to choose from: the Vatican, Ancient Rome, a best-of tour and a sketch tour. If you’re interested in drawing, try the sketching and walking tour where you can fill your notebook with some of the most beautiful, hidden spots in Rome all the while discovering the city.

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