Heading over to Rome and not sure where to start? I always think a guided tour is the best way to go. A wonderful group of guides will take you to all the best and most beautiful places without you having to wrestle with a map before realizing you’re actually holding it upside down! But if you like your guided tours to be a little out of the ordinary, Rome also has a list of great, alternative tours that you can choose from. Here is my shortlist to help you out!

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Best Alternative Rome Tours

Rome Expo500

“There’s not better way to tour Rome than in a hot pink Fiat 500” – said no guy, ever! No worries gents, there are plenty of colors to choose from. Let your favorite Fiat 500 take you on a magical ride around the center of Rome, and if you want to enjoy the views even more, why not hire a driver to do the driving for you! For information or bookings call 06.70494983 or email [email protected], or visit their website.


The wonderful duo Giovanni and Annie, or as we know them GiovAnnie, will take you around Rome driving none other than the famous Italian Vespa. Start your journey right outside your hotel where your guides will pick you up, and enjoy a day of zip-zapping around cars like a real Italian Vespa driver. But remember, don’t expect your hair to look too glamorous at the end of the day! Contact Scooteroma at [email protected], or visit their website to find out other ways of getting in touch.

Context Travel

If you’re looking for an alternative to the typical sightseeing tours of Rome, Context Travel offers an in depth choice, with a deeper look into the city’s historical aspect that is explained to you by a group of architects and art historians who know their stuff! Context Travel also offers gastronomic versions of their tours, where they take you around the most significant areas of Rome with a food history, such as the Jewish Ghetto, and have you taste all the delicious traditional Roman foods. Visit their website or email [email protected] for more information.

Italy by Segway

If touring Rome on a Segway doesn’t tickle your fancy, then I don’t know what will! Italy by Segway offers guided tours of Rome on those funny two-wheeled machines you often see people riding around the Villa Borghese Park. Italy by Segway offers tours for entire families, individuals and small groups whose dream is to glide through the city, by day or by night! And if you leave Rome wanting more, have a look into a Segway tour of Florence, or maybe even the beautiful cities of Pisa and Milan. “Italy by Segway is synonymous of Attention, Courtesy and Enthusiasm.” Email the team at [email protected] or call +39.055.2398855. Visit their website for more information. 


Eating Italy Food Tours

And then there’s us of course! Eating Italy Food Tour’s wonderful and expert English-speaking guides will take you around two of the most beautiful and food-filled neighborhoods of Rome, Testaccio and Trastevere, teaching you everything there is to know on how to eat like a real Roman! You will leave the tour feeling much more knowledgeable, much less like a tourist and with your stomachs way more full than you could have ever thought possible…but hey, when in Rome! Check out our Rome tours for more information.

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